DiorSkin Nude: foundation Review


I was realy anxious to try the new foundation by Dior when it was released like a couple of months ago and I definitely have to share my opinion with you, lovely bloggers.
The shop assistant tried it on me at the shop and I had to bring it home. However, I must say that from the very first moment I was not truly satisfied with the result.
First of all, the SA tried it on my face using her fingers and I was like "Ughhh, can't you just use a clean, brand new sponge, brush or whatever, EXCEPT your fingers? Am I just supposed to rely on the fact that you have washed your hands exactly before I got into your shop?". Anyway, I was silly enough to let her put that on my skin. At least, she had to take the sample bottles of foundation from the store, so I knew I was going to use the foundation for the very first time. She confirmed this by saying that the foundation had arrived on that precise day.

We spent quite a lot of time deciding on which shade was the most appropriate for me. Don't you have the feeling that shop assistants ALWAYS tend to give you a DARKER shade? I could not trust her at all!! But together we decided that the best choice to cover up my common redness and imperfections was shade 23 (Peach). It had a really beautiful golden undertone that looked amazing on my skin, even though foundation had been applied by those fingers...

The coverage was light to medium, but it simply gave my face a kind of glow I started to love when I saw myself in the mirror.
I could not avoid it. I bought it and I trully regretted my decision, first of all, because it was really pricey.

Let me tell you: DiorSkin Nude is supposed to replace Dior PureLight, and this is a shame because Pure Light is simply miles away in quality!
Ok, but I will continue explaining the reason why I decided to turn Nude back to the shop.

As the day went by, the foundation simply ran from my face. I do not have oily skin. My skin is active, but rather dry and dehydrated because I am quite hard with it. However, this foundation left my skin greasy and awfully dirty after a few hours. It sat on my pores and disappeared from some areas.

The shade, besides, came to be awfully darker than expected. I definitely oxidized and turned orangeish...
This was not the worst thing of this. The next day, I got three scary pimples on my cheeks.
I decided to try it again, some days after, and again the same feelings. And some days after, the same.
It came back to the shop and I changed this one for Biotherm Matte Pure.
But that is another story.


P.S Ok, I must admit: the packaging is beautiful... LOL

Makeup Today: Chanel Pro Lumiere

Hi there!!
Some days after my previous entry on the blog. Sorry I have not updated before but I still had a terrible cold during this weekend, but finally I am feeling better today.

So, today, I decided to avoid laziness about applying make up and I have tried a sample of Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation. I think Chanel samples are really cute in those little little mini bottles, and the quantity is quite decent to try a product for at least 5 or 6 times...

So, my sample of this liquid foundation is in shade 40 beige and I had to mix it with Le Blanc Universel because it was quite dark. I use Le Blanc really often to make foundations lighter in shade and it actually works very well.

However, my shade would be, definitely, 20 clair. There are only 4 shades available to choose from.

I can see this foundation is really a good choice. The coverage is medium, it covers imperfections, it evens out skin tone and it gives the skin a luminous glow. I like it very much, because it does not have this typical powdery finish that a lot of foundations have. Instead, the application is very smooth and the result is a light, even, luminous skin.

It is not heavy at all, I am wearing it now and I do not feel like wearing foundation at all. I like that!

Lush, Review Part 1

Hi there,
I am feeling Lushy today, I have a few things on my mind to get next time but, before I decide, I feel like talking a little bit about the products I have already used by Lush.
This is the first part of a series of reviews about all the products I have tried from this lovely brand.

Bath time:
I am not very keen on long baths, I prefer quick showers to wake up in the morning and I rarely often take the time to prepare myself a bath. I think this is something I have to change but I still find that rather messy... I am on the practical side in this case... I have tried:

- The comforter

I tried this one and it was a really funny experience, because I tried it in a jacuzzi and the result was that I had to spend more than an hour removing all the foam and bubbles from every where! I ignored that we could not use such a product in a bath tube that made bubbles itself, so although the smell was delicious, I do not have really positive memories about it! It smells like blackberries, and the scent remains all over the body for a while.

- Karma Bubble BarI did not try this myself, it was my mum. We both love Karma Soap smell, I thing it is my favourite scent from Lush, and my mother loves the soap too. I bought this as a gift for her and she told me that it was a little bit disappointed because this bubble bar is not so smelly as the soap, she expected it to give the same deep scent and it was not like that.


- Baby Face:I used this one a long time ago and I can remember that I did not dislike it. It cleanses skin pretty well, although it is not totally efficient with full ellaborated makeups (i.e: concealer, foundation, blush, highlighter, sun powder and all the stuff). In that case, I needed extra cleansing.
The main disadvantage of this product is the "greasy" feeling it gives to skin after using it. It is quite moisturizing but, nevertheless, I did not like the feeling. However, it did not break me out, which I obviously appreciated.

- Fresh Farmacy:

This soap left me indifferent. Nothing to say about the supposed properties for combination or oily skin... It is not a bad soap, but I did not feel the healing or drying properties against spots and pimples. However, I would maybe buy it again and give it another chance.

- Ultrabland
The worst thing about this cleanser is the greasy film it leaves on your skin after using it. It is quite a good choice to remove makeup, but when talking about cleansers I prefer products that make my skin feel completely fresh and clean and this one makes my face feel as I had already put on something else, for example, as I had already moisturized. I do not like that feeling, I prefer choosing my own moisturizer. As a conclusion, it is a good solution if you do not mind about skipping the moisturizing cream afterwards. I do not like the texture either, and the smell is a bit weird.

I will continue!

Worst Product of March; Clean and Clear

Yeah, I have decided to choose Clean and Clear Blackheads Clearing Daily Scrub as the worst product of the present month.

The reasons for nominating this facial cleansing-scrub are:

- It is neither a good cleanser nor a good scrub: it does not elliminate all the dirtiness of the face, it does not make the skin feel clean at all. Instead, the formula is thick and gives no foam at all. It does not seem to be working to clean your face.

- As a scrub, the little micro-spheres do nothing to exfoliate. They simply vanish when being applied on the skin.

- The biggest disadvantage is, however, the smell!! It does remind me of anything, but it is not fresh, or fruity, or pleasant at all. It is a sort of medicine smell.

I have finally used this as a body exfolitor as I could not stand using it on my face...

As the only advantage, I would mention that it is very cheap. But it is not definitely a good product to fight against blackheads, ot does nothing against them. There are other better options to take into account.

Have a look at this website if you want to read another opinion about this product: http://acnestation.blogspot.com/2009/01/products-with-their-ratings.html

If you like the Cleansing+Scrub thing, go for Clarins Doux Nettoyant Gommant Express, instead. It is more expensive than C&C, obviously, but the skin is really soft after using it. Clarins cleaser elliminates make up while mildly exfoliating skin and the orange smell is delicious!!
So here is my review of Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub, and its counterpart, Clarins Doux Nettoyant Gommant Express.

Product of the Month: Kerastase Oleo Relax

I would like to tell you what my favourite product of February has been. I have decided to choose one product every month for being the one I have used the most and I have enjoyed the most when using it.

In February, my favourite product has been Kerastase Oleo Relax. I got this as one of my Christmas gifts from my boyfriend as I had read great reviews on the Internet about it.

I use this product after washing my hair. My tip is to spray it once on my brush and then gently brush my hair before using the hair dryer. My hair is easily disentangled and I have noticed that it is getting stronger and shinier. My hair looks better than ever before. Or at least, it looked so before I did the blonde-blue dying... gosh.

This is the second product I use from Kerastase (the other is Nectar Thermique, to protect my hair when using GHD styler), and I am loving both of them very much, but the results with this one in particular have been great so far.

I truly recommend it!

(Late) February Haul

Hello again, good Friday night to everybody!
I am going to show you what my February haul was. I have decided that I will try to get make up stuff ONCE every month, cause my economy is not very good at the moment, so I'd better choose very well what I buy.
These are great things I bought from hqhair, they arrived in less than a week. It was the first time I bought from this web and I have been very pleased.
First of all,this is my new Nars stuff:

- Oil Free Foundation in Deauville shade.
- Galaxy Girl Lipstick.
- Taj Mahal Blush.

I am going to write a review about each of these products, but I want to say that my favourite one is Taj Mahal.

Besides, I also got St. Tropez Tanning Lotion, and Burt's Bees Lip Balm. I will also write about them although I have not tried the tanning lotion yet, (and I am wishing to!).

Hope you like it!

Night Skincare Routine

Hi again,
This is another post about my skincare routine. This time it is the turn of the products I use at night. The truth is that I do not really think it is working well, because I feel my skin is getting dirty and I am having problems with break outs, again and again. Sad story!
- I remove make up with the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. I absolutely love this one. I have been using it for years and it is the best make up remover I have tried so far. It removes all make up, also from the eyes and lips, completely. It does not either dry or make my skin get oily. Andit is very pleasant to use. I just have to massage it onto my skin and then remove it with my wet Kanebo Sponge Chief. My skin is clean.

- I am really into the Oriental philosophy of double cleaning in skincare, so I follow the Cleansing Balm with Clinique Mild Facial Soap.

- I follow this double-step cleansing with Effaclar K by La Roche Posay. It is a treament for acne-prone skin that is supposed to exfoliate skin thanks to the acids in it. It is not really working on me at the moment, but I have to be patient because I have used this one before and the results ar noticeable after two or three weeks. However, at this point I think it is pushing dirtiness out and therefore I am having some pimples at the moment.

Still looking for the perfect day and night skincare routine!

Morning Skincare Routine.

Hi there!
These are the products I am using at the moment for my morning skincare routine:

CLEANSER: I wash my face with Clinique Liquid Facial Mild Soap. It is quite refeshing, it does not dry my skin and it does not break me out, so I am quite happy with it. I have been using it just for a couple of days but I have tried it before with some samples and I remembered it was good. Actually, I was doubting about buying La Roche Posay Effaclar again instead, but I decided to try Clinique's option. It was 18€.

TONER: I am not using any toner at the moment but I am thinking of using again Clinique Mild Lotion, another product I love.
SERUM: I follow then with Biotherm Source Therapy, Superactive. I am really enjoying this one. It has a lovely refreshing texture and it makes my skin feel and look soft. It is quite moisturizing, as well. I just need a couple of drops of it, I warm them between my hands and then I apply it to my skin. It is absorbed quickly.

MOISTURIZER: Finally, I end with Clinique Superdefense for combination oily to oily skin. I like this one very much though it is quite pricey and as I am finishing it, I am going to try a cheaper option for this. I don't mind the new one does not have sunscreen because I am not likely to stay under the sun these days.

CONCEALER: Then I use La Roche Posey Unifiance Touch Pro Concealer in shade 11 Beige Champagne, which I love. This totally covers any blemishes, imperfections and redness I can have. I have been using this one for years and it really last for ages. It is not at all expensive and I will absolutely repeat with it when I finish it.