DiorSkin Nude: foundation Review


I was realy anxious to try the new foundation by Dior when it was released like a couple of months ago and I definitely have to share my opinion with you, lovely bloggers.
The shop assistant tried it on me at the shop and I had to bring it home. However, I must say that from the very first moment I was not truly satisfied with the result.
First of all, the SA tried it on my face using her fingers and I was like "Ughhh, can't you just use a clean, brand new sponge, brush or whatever, EXCEPT your fingers? Am I just supposed to rely on the fact that you have washed your hands exactly before I got into your shop?". Anyway, I was silly enough to let her put that on my skin. At least, she had to take the sample bottles of foundation from the store, so I knew I was going to use the foundation for the very first time. She confirmed this by saying that the foundation had arrived on that precise day.

We spent quite a lot of time deciding on which shade was the most appropriate for me. Don't you have the feeling that shop assistants ALWAYS tend to give you a DARKER shade? I could not trust her at all!! But together we decided that the best choice to cover up my common redness and imperfections was shade 23 (Peach). It had a really beautiful golden undertone that looked amazing on my skin, even though foundation had been applied by those fingers...

The coverage was light to medium, but it simply gave my face a kind of glow I started to love when I saw myself in the mirror.
I could not avoid it. I bought it and I trully regretted my decision, first of all, because it was really pricey.

Let me tell you: DiorSkin Nude is supposed to replace Dior PureLight, and this is a shame because Pure Light is simply miles away in quality!
Ok, but I will continue explaining the reason why I decided to turn Nude back to the shop.

As the day went by, the foundation simply ran from my face. I do not have oily skin. My skin is active, but rather dry and dehydrated because I am quite hard with it. However, this foundation left my skin greasy and awfully dirty after a few hours. It sat on my pores and disappeared from some areas.

The shade, besides, came to be awfully darker than expected. I definitely oxidized and turned orangeish...
This was not the worst thing of this. The next day, I got three scary pimples on my cheeks.
I decided to try it again, some days after, and again the same feelings. And some days after, the same.
It came back to the shop and I changed this one for Biotherm Matte Pure.
But that is another story.


P.S Ok, I must admit: the packaging is beautiful... LOL
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  1. This foundation seems to look so wonderful, is it for dry skin too? And can this shade apply on dark or medium tones too? Kindly reply or recommend something for dark and medium tone. Thanks