(Late) February Haul

Hello again, good Friday night to everybody!
I am going to show you what my February haul was. I have decided that I will try to get make up stuff ONCE every month, cause my economy is not very good at the moment, so I'd better choose very well what I buy.
These are great things I bought from hqhair, they arrived in less than a week. It was the first time I bought from this web and I have been very pleased.
First of all,this is my new Nars stuff:

- Oil Free Foundation in Deauville shade.
- Galaxy Girl Lipstick.
- Taj Mahal Blush.

I am going to write a review about each of these products, but I want to say that my favourite one is Taj Mahal.

Besides, I also got St. Tropez Tanning Lotion, and Burt's Bees Lip Balm. I will also write about them although I have not tried the tanning lotion yet, (and I am wishing to!).

Hope you like it!
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