Lush, Review Part 1

Hi there,
I am feeling Lushy today, I have a few things on my mind to get next time but, before I decide, I feel like talking a little bit about the products I have already used by Lush.
This is the first part of a series of reviews about all the products I have tried from this lovely brand.

Bath time:
I am not very keen on long baths, I prefer quick showers to wake up in the morning and I rarely often take the time to prepare myself a bath. I think this is something I have to change but I still find that rather messy... I am on the practical side in this case... I have tried:

- The comforter

I tried this one and it was a really funny experience, because I tried it in a jacuzzi and the result was that I had to spend more than an hour removing all the foam and bubbles from every where! I ignored that we could not use such a product in a bath tube that made bubbles itself, so although the smell was delicious, I do not have really positive memories about it! It smells like blackberries, and the scent remains all over the body for a while.

- Karma Bubble BarI did not try this myself, it was my mum. We both love Karma Soap smell, I thing it is my favourite scent from Lush, and my mother loves the soap too. I bought this as a gift for her and she told me that it was a little bit disappointed because this bubble bar is not so smelly as the soap, she expected it to give the same deep scent and it was not like that.


- Baby Face:I used this one a long time ago and I can remember that I did not dislike it. It cleanses skin pretty well, although it is not totally efficient with full ellaborated makeups (i.e: concealer, foundation, blush, highlighter, sun powder and all the stuff). In that case, I needed extra cleansing.
The main disadvantage of this product is the "greasy" feeling it gives to skin after using it. It is quite moisturizing but, nevertheless, I did not like the feeling. However, it did not break me out, which I obviously appreciated.

- Fresh Farmacy:

This soap left me indifferent. Nothing to say about the supposed properties for combination or oily skin... It is not a bad soap, but I did not feel the healing or drying properties against spots and pimples. However, I would maybe buy it again and give it another chance.

- Ultrabland
The worst thing about this cleanser is the greasy film it leaves on your skin after using it. It is quite a good choice to remove makeup, but when talking about cleansers I prefer products that make my skin feel completely fresh and clean and this one makes my face feel as I had already put on something else, for example, as I had already moisturized. I do not like that feeling, I prefer choosing my own moisturizer. As a conclusion, it is a good solution if you do not mind about skipping the moisturizing cream afterwards. I do not like the texture either, and the smell is a bit weird.

I will continue!
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  1. I bought Ultrabland recently and i agree with the funny smell...i can't quite explain what is is...almost like gone off honey? haha x

  2. Yeah, it is weird, it is a pity because 90% of Lush products smell delicious!! Thanks for your comment, sweety!


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