Morning Skincare Routine.

Hi there!
These are the products I am using at the moment for my morning skincare routine:

CLEANSER: I wash my face with Clinique Liquid Facial Mild Soap. It is quite refeshing, it does not dry my skin and it does not break me out, so I am quite happy with it. I have been using it just for a couple of days but I have tried it before with some samples and I remembered it was good. Actually, I was doubting about buying La Roche Posay Effaclar again instead, but I decided to try Clinique's option. It was 18€.

TONER: I am not using any toner at the moment but I am thinking of using again Clinique Mild Lotion, another product I love.
SERUM: I follow then with Biotherm Source Therapy, Superactive. I am really enjoying this one. It has a lovely refreshing texture and it makes my skin feel and look soft. It is quite moisturizing, as well. I just need a couple of drops of it, I warm them between my hands and then I apply it to my skin. It is absorbed quickly.

MOISTURIZER: Finally, I end with Clinique Superdefense for combination oily to oily skin. I like this one very much though it is quite pricey and as I am finishing it, I am going to try a cheaper option for this. I don't mind the new one does not have sunscreen because I am not likely to stay under the sun these days.

CONCEALER: Then I use La Roche Posey Unifiance Touch Pro Concealer in shade 11 Beige Champagne, which I love. This totally covers any blemishes, imperfections and redness I can have. I have been using this one for years and it really last for ages. It is not at all expensive and I will absolutely repeat with it when I finish it.
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