Worst Product of March; Clean and Clear

Yeah, I have decided to choose Clean and Clear Blackheads Clearing Daily Scrub as the worst product of the present month.

The reasons for nominating this facial cleansing-scrub are:

- It is neither a good cleanser nor a good scrub: it does not elliminate all the dirtiness of the face, it does not make the skin feel clean at all. Instead, the formula is thick and gives no foam at all. It does not seem to be working to clean your face.

- As a scrub, the little micro-spheres do nothing to exfoliate. They simply vanish when being applied on the skin.

- The biggest disadvantage is, however, the smell!! It does remind me of anything, but it is not fresh, or fruity, or pleasant at all. It is a sort of medicine smell.

I have finally used this as a body exfolitor as I could not stand using it on my face...

As the only advantage, I would mention that it is very cheap. But it is not definitely a good product to fight against blackheads, ot does nothing against them. There are other better options to take into account.

Have a look at this website if you want to read another opinion about this product: http://acnestation.blogspot.com/2009/01/products-with-their-ratings.html

If you like the Cleansing+Scrub thing, go for Clarins Doux Nettoyant Gommant Express, instead. It is more expensive than C&C, obviously, but the skin is really soft after using it. Clarins cleaser elliminates make up while mildly exfoliating skin and the orange smell is delicious!!
So here is my review of Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub, and its counterpart, Clarins Doux Nettoyant Gommant Express.
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  1. Haha I was actually going to get that later at the grocery store, but now i'm going to look for something else!


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