Estée Lauder Hydra Complete Creme Review


Happy Sunday everybody!

I am ready to write a couple of reviews todays thanks to my BF's laptop, because mine is broken at the moment. :(

I have been using EL Hydra Complete Creme for Normal to Combination skin these days, and I decided to write a quick review about it.

I do not particularly like it very much because, although it has got a light texture, it becomes oily with the pass of time and my face starts to shine quite soon. My face is not shiny at all, only with the application of these kinds of cremes it comes out with some shine and I obviously hate it.

However, it is not highly moisturizing. My skin is at the moment suffering from continuous break outs but it is very sensitive and dry at the same time, so I need very specific and special moisturizers.

It is not a good foundation base either because foundation does not sink well and it becomes very noticeable.

It has lot of fragance on it, another think that I dislike...
At least, I am trying it because I was given a generous sample at the department store, because I think it is far from being cheap at all!

Products I cannot live without

An entry I have wanted to do since I started blogging, but I simply could not choose among the whole range of products I have tried. But I have decided these have been my favourite products for so long that they must be on the list:

  • Facial Sunscreen: Clinique City Block. This is a must-have when summer time comes. I cannot live without it. It is the only good alternative to avoid going to the beach or pool with makeup on. It makes my face look nearly flawless because it contains a little bit of pigmentation, really subtle, but enough to conceal marks and small spots. Although at the beginning it is a bit difficult to apply, when you get used to the texture it is simply perfect.
  • Concealer: La Roche Posay Unifiance Touch Pro. It has covered all my reddish marks and blemishes for years now. The lightes shade is a perfect match for my skin tone. The days when I feel too lazy to apply makeup, I only need this little pot. After some minutes during which the formula seems to settle down, my face does not show most of its imperfections.

  • Foundation: Avene Couvrance: I have mentioned this foundation several times before on the blog, and I absolutely rave about it once and again. It is THE foundation when nothing is good to conceal skin in bad condition, with redness all over, blemishes and spots. Oil-free, non-comedogenic, and not expensive at all.
  • Moisturizer: Avene Tolerance Extreme: When the face of my skin is to sensitive to stand any other moisturizers, or when I have been hard with it using too many astringent products to prevent acne, I can only use this moisturizer and it is definitely the perfect cure for my skin. It is an excellent foundation base too.

  • Thermal Spring Water: La Roche Posay. A basic in my closet, thermal spring water is to be used any time to refresh tour skin during the day, as a toner before moisturizer or to fix makeup. A cheaper alternative to Mac Fix+.
  • Face Treatment Oil: Clarins Huile Lotus: Especially designed for combination to oily skins. I cannot forget this one because it is always in my closet. I use Clarins Lotus Oil for a lot of things, so you can call it a muti-purpose. I love mixing it with any face masks, just three or four drops are enough to make the mask less thick and to clean your pores in depth. The smell is so lovely that I enjoy using it especially at night, it is totally relaxing. But what I like the most is applying it on my skin after cleansing, just one or two times a month, instead of the night moisturizer. It hydrates a lot and the morning after you get up with a kind of glow in your face, your skin is clean, soft and the spots seem to have vanished for a while... Quite expensive, but it is really worth it as it lasts for ages. Literally.
  • Hair Product: Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum Spray: this one is able to disentangle my hair, deeply nourish it while giving a pleasant fruity smell that remains on my hair all day long. It is several products in one: a cure, a styling product and a fragance. I am also in love with it!

So this is my top 7 list of products: I hope you like it.

Lollipop, I Am into the Project Ten Pan too!

I have read Lollipop's words on her blog, and I have decided to join into her new project, the Project Ten Pan. Especially because we are living times of economic recession and especially because my finances are not really on the high side at the moment. But, above all, because I know I tend to feel attracted by all the new makeup and skincare products and some of the old, too. And although I like calling it a hobby, or a collection, it is possibly mainly an obssession. My economy would benefit from a project that tries to save some money for the future and to use up some of the products in my possession.
I embrace Lollipop's project because all of these reasons, but I extend it to any skincare and hair care products as well. Even though today I bought the new Herbal Essences shampoo, I will not buy any other product until I have used up at least 10 other things. I think I can do this because I really need to save some money now, so it is just necessary for me. I will continue addind things to my wish list and, in a couple of weeks or so, I think I will have been able to finish three hair products, three or four skincare products and, the most difficult part, some makeup products.
However, I think using up makeup products is quite difficult because they tend to last for longer that skincare or haircare ones. There is only one foundation I am running out of. Let's see what happens, and let's see how much money I can save thanks to this idea.
Thank you Lolli for writing this on the blog and let me join the project, I know we are already a lot of girls in.

Hello Hydration!

Today, BF and I were doing some shopping at the mall and I felt attracted by the sexy packaging of Herbal Essences new hair products. I had promised myself, long time before, that I would invest on really good products for my hair, especially in brands such as Redken, Rene Furterer and, above all, Kerastase, but I just could not refrain myself from opening a little bit the beautiful light blue bottle of the new shampoo. An incredibly delightful smell of coconut surrounded me. And, I must confess, I adore coconut smell. The truth is that I have been using at the moment three different shampoos and only one (Revlon's) is about to be used up in one or two days. But I tell you the smell of the new Herbal Essences was so amazing that it came home with me. On the other hand, it is really cheapy, so I do not feel as bad as if I had wasted more money...

This shampoo is part of the Hello Hydration line and it is supposed to provide our hair with deep moisturizing. It is special for dry or damaged hair, so now that I have my hair dyed blonde, I hope it can help a little bit. At last, I hope the delicious smell remains on my hair afterwards. I will tell you if so! And, if you like coconut smell, definitely give it a try!

* Oh my gosh! I have just read online some other news:

- that they have also a conditioner and a mask with the same smell and properties... :) Yay!

- and that the celebrity supporting the new Herbal Essence line is Mischa Barton.

Cutting Off Sugar!

Only one day, just one day and I cannot avoid the need of taking some sugar in my life... It is going to be so hard, but obviously, if I am not able to cut the sugar consumption for a week, all the new healthy treatment is going to be useless.
My aunt advised me that sugar would make me feel horrible because with the Colosan trying to clean my digestive apparatus, sugar would make everything worse.
But I just cannot think of other alternatives, some other snacks to eat during the day and after meals, when my body has the necessity to take some chocolate, cake or things like that. I am not really into fruit...
So this is the most difficult part of all. I have a lot of Easter cake in the kitchen and it smells so lovely...
I would love to know how do you avoid eating so much sugar, what other foods you usually take to replace sweety things...

On the other hand, nothing new from the treatment. I am going to take the night teaspoon right now.
Good night!

UPDATED: 19th April
Ok, it was extremely difficult on the first days but now I am coping with it. I am eating a lot of nuts when I feel the need for sugar things, and I can now feel a difference. Yesterday I drank a smoothie and it was unbearably sweet for me! Even though I had tried it before and I loved it... Weird.

Oxygen Therapy: Part 1

Today I started the oxygen treatment I received last week. It consists of three different products I have to take during more or less ten days.
I have to start with Colosan. This is white powder I have to mix in a big glass of water and drink in the morning, at least one hour before having breakfast, and then at night, at least two hours after dinner.

I have to use just a teaspoon of it and afterwards, I drink the juice of half lemon.
It works mainly as a laxative and it is the main product indicated to clean the digestive apparatus. As I told you, I have started this morning, and I have not noticed anything yet, it is too soon.

On Friday, I will start taking Vital O. This is a complex mixture of minerals and enzymes that will help in the process of cleansing and restoring the proper status of my organism. I am supposed to take two or three drops on the first day and then up to seven drops in the following days.

After seven days with Colosan and five days taking Vital O, I will then take only Probiotics. This product is the one that will provide me with the necessary elements to avoid weakness because after the colon cleansing your organism is supposed to be a bit deteriorated.

I cannot eat any sugar these days... :O
I will keep you informed!

4 week Tanning Challenge

It has been an amazing week, hanging out with boyfriend and some friends, discovering new places and great parties, so my blogging hobby has been a bit postponed, I am afraid... But I am back with a lot of fresh news.
The first one is that I could not follow my Self-tanning challenge. This had to be the first post wirting about the results with an amazing cool tan on my skin but the weather has been so cold and rainy these days that I did not really had the mood to put on the self-tanning lotion and wait around the house without many clothes on... I started pretty convinced that I was going to be able to do it, I exfoliated and moisturized my body on Monday and Tuesday, but after that, there was not anything else. No tan, no more exfoliating and no more moisturizing even. Getting out of the shower is a really freezing moment at this time... you just want to put on your warm clothes as soon as possible... Besides, with this weather, no one would even notice about my tan, and if so, everybody would know it was fake...
I know, excuses, excuses... But I have decided to postpone one or two weeks my challenge, at least until the weather improves and we can put on some lovely dresses, tops and skirts.

On the other hand, I think I am going to try Solerra self-tanning products very soon. I have been told that they are amazing so I cannot wait to try them. I am sure they will arrive at a perfect moment to start my self-tanning challenge again from scratch, so I promise I will keep you informed. As I told you, the reviews about Solerra products have really caught my attention.

Ebay Problem: Part 2

I have received a message from ebay, the seller has opened a case because he has not received my payment. Do you remember my entry about my ebay problem? I have answered the message by explaining the circunstances but I am quite worried because I wanted to avoid any problems in ebay and I thought that the seller would not take any action after his rudeness and after it was totally clear that the article he was selling was not properly explained and announced.
I have written:

It was impossible to communicate with the seller in an appropriate way. I asked for details of the article and the answer was untrue, vague and finally, rude. I have kept his/her messages which demonstrate the lack of true information about the article. I cannot pay for something they won't assure me what really is. I suspect the article is a fake because they would not answer me with the real number of the shade. Their last message, totally rude with me, made me decide not to waste my money.

I do not know what will happen next, but I do not like the situation.

Wish List

I am excited to get some more make up and haircare goodies! This is my new Wish List for April. It is full of foundations so I need to get calm about this because I already have a lot of them...
  • Avene Couvrance Cream Compact Foundation in Porcelain.
  • La Roche Posay liquid Foundation Unifiance Matt.
  • Clinique Even Better Foundation.
  • Vichy Area Mineral Loose Powder Foundation.
  • Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation.
  • Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation in the lightest shade.
  • Nars Hungry Heart Blush Duo.
  • Nars The multiple in Portofino.
  • Kerastase Masquinteanse Mask for Thin Hair.
  • Mac Prep and Prime.
  • Mac Hug Me lipstick.
  • Kerastase Masquintense.

Oxygen Therapy

What do you think about alternative medicine and natural remedies? Are you particularly fond of that? My aunt arrived last summer from the United States and she brought with her amazing theories about how our organism really works and what we can do to protect and clean our body from the inside. She is especially into homeopathy and she had been trying to make us, her family, aware of the benefits we can get from healthy food and healthy habits. She is particularly interested in the effects that some foods can have over our system.

I have always thought that the problems behind my skin were related to food habits. It is not that I consume unhealthy food all the time but rather that maybe my body reacts to some products in a really bad way, with oily skin and blemishes as a result. It is not as simple as avoiding chocolate and sugar, I think it is more about a routine consuming foods that are not bad for me. I am sure that the trouble with my skin is the proof that something is not working inside.

I am going to start cleansing my system from the very inside. My aunt has recommended me to try Oxygen Therapy to start with the cleansing. Family Health News is the webpage where she usually orders the products she needs for that. I am going to try Colosan, which is an oxygen product to clean your colon. Before starting a new healthier diet, it is necessary to start from scratch, to have your digestive tract cleaned. This oxygen product is designed to elliminate toxins and it is basically the first step.

It will be a bit weird for me because I am not used to trying these things but I think it is a good moment to start a healthier way of life.

You can read more about Colosan and other products in Family Health News ( if you are interested in these types of therapies. I have found them really interesting but they are extremely uncommon here and people are really skeptical when hearing about them.

Let's see what happens and if I notice good results.

Skin routine #2: Updated

There has been a little change in my skincare routine over the past month, and I am now going to write about what I am using at the moment. I must tell you: something is definitely not working, anyway, I hav had recent strong break outs and my skin is irritated so much! I need to find something to calm my skin down and soothe it... I will keep looking for it. The fact is that I do not care about two or three spots, but I want to get rid of the reddish tone on my cheeks and the irritation all over.

Morning Skincare Routine:
- I wash my face with Clinique Liquid Mild Soap: Yes, I have been using it for a month or so now and I have discovered it dries me out a little bit. I will definitely go for Cetaphil when I ran out of this one.
- No toner on, I just go for Biotherm serum: Source Theraphie. I like this one a lot, it calms down my skin a little bit and it is quite comfortable to apply and wear on the face. I only use a couple of drops from this and then I gently massage. Good enough before moisturizing.
- As a moisturizer, I am still using Lush Vanishing Cream. I have almost ran out of it, because it does not last for a long time. It is pretty moisturizing, it absorbs really quickly and as far as I know it has not broken me out, but still, there is something I still do not like about it and I do not know exactly what it is. I think I will not repurchase.
- I cannot live without applying my Effaclar Touch Pro concealer afterwards. It covers all my spots and redness and it is the alternative if I do not want to apply the whole foundation + powder stuff. I really love it and it lasts for ages, literally.

Night Skincare Routine:
- To get rid of any make up, I use Clinique Take The Day Off balm, it is fantastic, as I have told you before. I have been using it for years and I always get back to it. It removes all your make up or sunscreen. Great.
- I continue cleansing with Clinique Mild Soap, as in the morning.
- I have decided to use no moisturizer at night because my skin is really irritated and I want to reduce products to the maximum. Let's see what it happens...

Products to Clear Spots #3: Duac Gel & Sudocrem

Here is another review of other two products I have recently used to fight against spots.

The first one is an antibiotic to be used locally called Duac Gel. This gel is supposed is to be used only at night as it is quite sticky. It cures infection and makes spots really fade away in one or two nights. The blemishes do really disappear and the red marks last less time on the skin. However, this product has to be kept in the fridge because it is preservative free and after one month of use, you have to discard it, because it expires. Besides, your skin gets used to it really fast, so after three weeks or so, you end noticing nothing from it. It is a good option to be used only from time to time. Only at the chemist's.

The other one is Sudocrem. I ordered this on ebay afer watching some Youtube videos that spoke wonders about it to fight spots and make your skin clear. People said you could even sleep on it if you did not mind having your face totally white and maybe stain your pillow. I orderes a tiny jug of this, it was really cheap. The truth is that, although it claims to help with acne, it is a cream designed for nappy rash. I was really reluctant to try this on my face, I can assure you! I have used it in several ways during the last month and I can tell you I have not noticed anything, neither good, nor bad, with my spots. I have used it locally to try to dry out some pimples and I also have used it all over my face. With no result. So, it does not work for me. Besides, I have read on the Internet that it contains some oils that are quite negative for acne-prone skin. I will keep trying.

4 Week-Tanning Challenge!

Hello everybody!

How is your weekend going?
If there is something I am completely lazy about is self-tanning... I have got pale skin, (NC/NW 20 from Mac), but I really do love being tanned. It is quite difficult here to get naturally tanned skin because summers are not so sunny and hot to stay under the sun for a long time, and besides, I am really concerned about the dangers of long sun exposure; I had sun allergy a few years ago, so I always put on a great amount of sunscreen and I totally avoid sun burning. The bad thing about that is that it is only at the very end of summer when my skin shows a bit of sun tan so I typically end up using self tanning lotions.

The ones I have tried:
- L'oreal: It was the very first tanning product I tried. It was several years ago. Quite efficient, but the smell was extremely strong, even disgusting. The colour obtained was ok, although it was not at all the best formula. Obviously, self tanning products have improved a lot in the last years.
I do not think they make this one any longer.
- Johnson's Holiday Skin, gradual self tanning lotion. This is one of those self tanning products whose effect on skin is very slight and gradual; it is supposed to be used daily and I quite liked it. It did not stain clothes and it was very easy to apply.
- Dove's: I prefered the Johnson's one but mainly because of the smell and the texture. This one is thicker and less creamy.
- Clarins: my favourite self tanning product up to now. However, some girl I do not appreciate too much told me it looked quite orangish on me, and that it was crap, but I actually have kind of yellowish undertone and I supposed it was only natural on me. The smell is acceptable, too.
- St. Tropez: I have to write a full review about this one but I can tell you that I have tried it only once and I hated the result. It was totally horrible on my skin. I applied it at night and the morning after my body was like dirty. Terrible colour, totally artificial and totally uneven!

So, here is my self-tanning challenge for the following 4 weeks. I really want that by May, I have a good-looking tanned colour on my body and this is what I aim to do:

- Good exfoliation on Mondays morning: I will use my special loofa sponge and a goood body scrub which I have to buy yet. (Any recommendations, please).
- All over moisturizing every morning after showers. I will use several different body lotions. I do not need to buy any.
- Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Apply St. Tropez Self Tannig Lotion: Yes, I will give it the chance to prove all the good opinions I have read about it.

And here is my self-tanning challenge! I really need to stick to a rotuine, a habit to use these fantastic products in the market to help us feel stunning until the sunny weather arrives!!

My Hair Products List & Review

Today, I have decided to write about the products I use for my hair. I have recently discovered the wonderful products by Kerastase and these are my favourite at the moment but I also have other products from other brands.

This is my hair-care routine at the moment:

I usually wash my hair about four times a week. I cannot do it everyday because my hair is extremely thin and by washing it so often, it becomes oilier. I do not have a huge amount of hair, so I need to take care of it as much as possible to avoid hair loss as well.

So I wash my hair either with Garnier Fructis Shampoo for Straight Hair or with Johnson's Baby shampoo. I heart none of them, by I especially hate Johnson's. It is a horrible product on my hair. It makes it extremely wild and rough. Although it is supposed to soften your hair, it does just the opposite, and I need to use tones of conditioner afterwards. Garnier's is not bad but I do not like that smell, it is very artificial. It is not fruity or floral, just synthetic perfume and I love good smelling products on my hair... (I need to try some more Lush products on my hair...). From time to time I also use a sample of Revlon Hair Repair Shampoo. I like it, it makes a lot of foam and cleans my hair very well. Besides, it softens a bit.
But my favourite shampoo at the moment, the one I only use before special occasions, is Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo. It is a shine-activator for multi tonal blondes. It makes my hair shiny and slightly blonder after using it and the grapefruit extract is a really addictive smell!

As conditioners, I choose between Pantene ProV Classic Care Conditioner, which I think is a very good option since it disentangles really well, and a new discovery: Rene Furterer's Karite Intense Nourishing and Conditioning Cream . I love this one. It is creamy and it smells delicious. I love the effect of this on my hair: it is a moisturizing cream. My hair is soft and deliciously smelly after using it.

As hair mask, I only own one at the moment, Garnier Fructis Oleo Repair 1 Minute Mask. It is ok, but I do not love it. It acts as another conditioner. The truth is that I am very impatient about using hair masks, I just cannot stand waiting for 15 minutes or so with my hair wet, brrrr. But I am thinking of buying Masquintense from Kerastase when I finish the Fructis, because I have read really good opinions about it.

I will write a second part of this review talking about styling and serum products.

Gemma Ward & the Surfer- Beach Style

Oh yeah,
my boyfriend decided it is the time to start surfing, finally. He is going to get the board and the swimsuit in the following days and I say Yay!!!! It would be the perfect excuse for going to the beach all day long, getting a tan and laying on the sand for ages... I am loving the idea already.
I feel like talking a little bit about that Surfer/Beach style in fashion and makeup, and the perfect example to have a look at is one of my favourite model's photographic session: Gemma Ward's.
I could see this series of pictures in Vogue a couple of summers ago and I absolutely loved it. The photographs are amazing, you can almost perceive the taste of sea salt in your lips and feel the sun heat on your skin... ahhhhhhh, lovely summer, Where art thou?
So, I have found them on the net, which offers much more quality than having them scanned by me and I simply wanted to share them with you in case you did not have the option to see them yourselves.
I cannot wait to copy the style, although the gorgeous Gemma is a difficult model to follow!
I have found the pictures at this web page: have a look, it is excellent:
I really love the make up in this picture: the face is simply perfect and just black eyeliner and some matte lip colour.
Love the necklaces, too!

This one is my favourite picture from the series. I love her hair colour and the wavy style.
Another amazing photo: the jacket is gorgeous and the combination of colours is risky but adorable.
Again, I heart her hairstyle so much.
I hope I can have my hair as long as hers by summer and pretty much as blonde as well.
Lovely wedges! Don't you think? After watching all these pictures, I always remind myself that I must get on a diet...

Ebay problem

I just wanted to ask you something.
Some days ago, I won a lovely product on ebay listed as: SHEERTONE SHIMMER BLUSH by Mac, from the Barbie Loves Mac collection. Pink shade, it said.
I found it just a couple of minutes before the bid ended and I won it. It was really cheap. I did some research afterwards and the truth is that I could not find any SHEERTONE SHIMMER BLUSH from Barbie. There were only two blushes: Don't Be Shy (which I have) and Plum-something.
Days went by and I kept on asking the seller for the exact shade. Yesterday they told me it was Don't Be Shy. However, my blush says SATIN POWDER BLUSH, nothing to do with SHEERTONE SHIMMER BLUSH. I have seen the Sheertone Shimmer Blush on the Internet and they are lovely, all of them.
I think it can be my fault, because I did not ask the seller on the first moment, but I did not had the time and I was really attracted by the low price.
What would you do?

Ebay seller has just written to me. He/She was extremely rude at me. He/she says it is not Don't Be Shy either, it is shade #07. They say they will mark me as a non-payer if I do not pay and blame me for making the question. The problem is I still do not know what I have bought. They cannot simply tell me the exact shade or whatever. And they blame me for being a pain in the neck. I have the intention of paying them, of course, but I still think they have not explain the item properly from the very first time. I bidded for a SHEERTONE SHIMMER BLUSH, I did not care the shade, actually, but of course if it is not a SHEERTONE SHIMMER BLUSH, am I the one to blame?
I do not know what to think...

Products to Clear Spots #2: at the doctor's

Ok, when nothing else works, you end at the doctor's asking for something that will definitely end with the problems of your skin. Your dermatologist, in the best of cases, will tell you a lot of things you already know. You go out of his/her consultation office telling yourself why on earth you did not decide to study Dermatology, because you are good a it, and you could be earning lots of money...
But, appart from telling you about things you already know (being careful with sun exposure, cleaning your face twice a day, using oil-free cosmetics...), he or she also says some things that you would prefer not listening to. Mine, for example, suggested that I did not use anything to wash my face in the morning except simply water. And that I did not put any make up on...
Oh my goodness. I hated her for that. And, besides, I did not take her advice, I did not pay her attention on that. I do not know, maybe my skin could have improved following her words but, seriously, I could not do it.
I preferred to listen carefully to the list of cosmetic products she recommended me. She listed:
  • Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar: at night. I did not buy this one yet. But I promise you I will. I think it can be a very good option because it is special for sensitive skins. Besides, it is soap-free. However, I decided to buy Clinique Mild Soap (liquid) instead last time. And I repent. The bad news is that she said nothing about makeup removal. She would not allow me to put make up on.

  • Zindacline: this was the king of the list, in my opinion. Thought to be used at night, locally, on the spots and red parts of the face. It was able to erase any pimples and blemishes from the first application. But it stopped working a month later. I think my skin simply got used to it. And left me in the search for something stronger.

  • Neostrata Gel Forte Salycilic: The dermatologist told me to start using this one once a week and gradually increase the frequency up to four times a week. This gel contains Glycolic Acid + Salycilic Acid. It is pretty strong. I am at odd ends with this because the effect of it on my skin is to pull out oil and pimples, so you have to be careful. It takes the dirtiness out.

  • Clarifex Scrub: Once a week, I was supposed to use this scrub for oily and acne-prone skin. It is pretty strong but I like it because sometimes skin seem to need it. It burns a little bit, but it is quite good. But I combine it with other scrubs I have.

So, this is pretty much it. I have to tell you that I had to buy both Zindaclin and Clarifex but I already had in my closet the Neostrata. I have not bought Cetaphil yet but I think I well, although I am not fond of cleansingbars because I have the feeling that they get dirty soon...

Have you gone to the dermatologist? What did he/she tell you?

Have a nice Thursday!

Products to clear spots #1 La Roche Posay

I have decided to comment on all the products I have used on my fight agains spots. I have tried so many brands, so many products, so many times, that I feel like writing a quite good overview of them. I will organise them by brand, because I tend to use more than one product of the same line to try to make them work better.


This brand is one of my favourites when talking about skincare. It has got amazing products for combination/oily/active/acne prone skin. I have been using them for ages and I always have some product of them in my closet. The specific line for this kind of skin is called Effaclar. I have tried almost all the products available in this line and here you are:

  • Cleansing: You have either Effaclar Gel or Effaclar Mousse. Recently, I have found out that Effaclar Mouse has turned into Effaclar H Mousse, but I think the formulation has not changed. I prefer the gel because it makes my skin feel cleaner than when using the mousse. The gel is quite thick and it does not make much foam. But it leaves your skin really clean and fresh. It has not dried me out. It is really good for combination/oily skin and I love the smell because it smells like "pureness"... However, the mousse cleanser is just foam, foam and foam. It is a spray that looks like and smells like hairspray. I hated it. Besides, it did not last at all! A spray of this lasted me for less than three weeks.

Another option is Effaclar Purifying Water. It is a product that claims to remove make up but, howeverm it does not do that very well. It is a good choice if you do not like to wash your face in the morning, for example, or if water irritates your skin.

From all these options, then, I would recommend Effaclar Gel as the best solution.

  • Moisturizing: Again, this brand offers you several possibilities. You can choose between Effaclar, Effaclar H, and Effaclar K. The simplest option is Effaclar. It is a light, mattifying moisturizer, a really good option in the morning. It prevents skin from feeling oily, it makes it become matte, and it is a good make up base. The cucumber smell is really nice...

Effaclar K is a good choice at night. It contains a combination of acids that are supposed to renovate your skin. It is, then, like an everyday mild chemical exfoliator. It really worked for me, but I have used that for so long that it makes me anything anymore... You have to be careful because it can be a bit drying.

Effaclar H is the newest moisturizer. It is realli good. I think it is better than Effaclar, even. This one is perfect for acne-prone, yet dry or sensitive skins, because it is really moisturizing and so comfortable. Again, this good be a choice for the morning routine.

  • Toner: I have not tried a toner as such from LRP. However, one of my favourite skin products ever is La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water. It calms, soothes and moisturizes skin after cleansing and prepares it for the moisturizer. Besides, it is a really refreshing product for the summer.

La Roche Posay products are not expensive; they are available at the chemist's and they are a realy good option for our types of skin.