4 Week-Tanning Challenge!

Hello everybody!

How is your weekend going?
If there is something I am completely lazy about is self-tanning... I have got pale skin, (NC/NW 20 from Mac), but I really do love being tanned. It is quite difficult here to get naturally tanned skin because summers are not so sunny and hot to stay under the sun for a long time, and besides, I am really concerned about the dangers of long sun exposure; I had sun allergy a few years ago, so I always put on a great amount of sunscreen and I totally avoid sun burning. The bad thing about that is that it is only at the very end of summer when my skin shows a bit of sun tan so I typically end up using self tanning lotions.

The ones I have tried:
- L'oreal: It was the very first tanning product I tried. It was several years ago. Quite efficient, but the smell was extremely strong, even disgusting. The colour obtained was ok, although it was not at all the best formula. Obviously, self tanning products have improved a lot in the last years.
I do not think they make this one any longer.
- Johnson's Holiday Skin, gradual self tanning lotion. This is one of those self tanning products whose effect on skin is very slight and gradual; it is supposed to be used daily and I quite liked it. It did not stain clothes and it was very easy to apply.
- Dove's: I prefered the Johnson's one but mainly because of the smell and the texture. This one is thicker and less creamy.
- Clarins: my favourite self tanning product up to now. However, some girl I do not appreciate too much told me it looked quite orangish on me, and that it was crap, but I actually have kind of yellowish undertone and I supposed it was only natural on me. The smell is acceptable, too.
- St. Tropez: I have to write a full review about this one but I can tell you that I have tried it only once and I hated the result. It was totally horrible on my skin. I applied it at night and the morning after my body was like dirty. Terrible colour, totally artificial and totally uneven!

So, here is my self-tanning challenge for the following 4 weeks. I really want that by May, I have a good-looking tanned colour on my body and this is what I aim to do:

- Good exfoliation on Mondays morning: I will use my special loofa sponge and a goood body scrub which I have to buy yet. (Any recommendations, please).
- All over moisturizing every morning after showers. I will use several different body lotions. I do not need to buy any.
- Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Apply St. Tropez Self Tannig Lotion: Yes, I will give it the chance to prove all the good opinions I have read about it.

And here is my self-tanning challenge! I really need to stick to a rotuine, a habit to use these fantastic products in the market to help us feel stunning until the sunny weather arrives!!
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  1. Hello Catanya,
    If you haven't tried the newest product in self tanning, Solerra self tanning mitt, you should definitely include it in your challenge. It is the easiest, most natural looking tan I have ever experienced. www.solerra.com will probably send you some to review for your challenge. I have tried every self tanner on the market and once trying the tanning mitt, I am sold for life! They have been so nice to me as a customer that I have gone on a mission to make sure people try their product. I first got a sample from a friend who had a gift bag from a celebrity event and I love, love love their products! I will watch your challenge. Thanks!

  2. Oh! It will be great to try these products! I think I am going to write to them and see if I can have the oopportunity to try them and then do some blogging about the experience! Thanks a lot for writing about that!