4 week Tanning Challenge

It has been an amazing week, hanging out with boyfriend and some friends, discovering new places and great parties, so my blogging hobby has been a bit postponed, I am afraid... But I am back with a lot of fresh news.
The first one is that I could not follow my Self-tanning challenge. This had to be the first post wirting about the results with an amazing cool tan on my skin but the weather has been so cold and rainy these days that I did not really had the mood to put on the self-tanning lotion and wait around the house without many clothes on... I started pretty convinced that I was going to be able to do it, I exfoliated and moisturized my body on Monday and Tuesday, but after that, there was not anything else. No tan, no more exfoliating and no more moisturizing even. Getting out of the shower is a really freezing moment at this time... you just want to put on your warm clothes as soon as possible... Besides, with this weather, no one would even notice about my tan, and if so, everybody would know it was fake...
I know, excuses, excuses... But I have decided to postpone one or two weeks my challenge, at least until the weather improves and we can put on some lovely dresses, tops and skirts.

On the other hand, I think I am going to try Solerra self-tanning products very soon. I have been told that they are amazing so I cannot wait to try them. I am sure they will arrive at a perfect moment to start my self-tanning challenge again from scratch, so I promise I will keep you informed. As I told you, the reviews about Solerra products have really caught my attention.
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