Cutting Off Sugar!

Only one day, just one day and I cannot avoid the need of taking some sugar in my life... It is going to be so hard, but obviously, if I am not able to cut the sugar consumption for a week, all the new healthy treatment is going to be useless.
My aunt advised me that sugar would make me feel horrible because with the Colosan trying to clean my digestive apparatus, sugar would make everything worse.
But I just cannot think of other alternatives, some other snacks to eat during the day and after meals, when my body has the necessity to take some chocolate, cake or things like that. I am not really into fruit...
So this is the most difficult part of all. I have a lot of Easter cake in the kitchen and it smells so lovely...
I would love to know how do you avoid eating so much sugar, what other foods you usually take to replace sweety things...

On the other hand, nothing new from the treatment. I am going to take the night teaspoon right now.
Good night!

UPDATED: 19th April
Ok, it was extremely difficult on the first days but now I am coping with it. I am eating a lot of nuts when I feel the need for sugar things, and I can now feel a difference. Yesterday I drank a smoothie and it was unbearably sweet for me! Even though I had tried it before and I loved it... Weird.
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