Ebay Problem: Part 2

I have received a message from ebay, the seller has opened a case because he has not received my payment. Do you remember my entry about my ebay problem? I have answered the message by explaining the circunstances but I am quite worried because I wanted to avoid any problems in ebay and I thought that the seller would not take any action after his rudeness and after it was totally clear that the article he was selling was not properly explained and announced.
I have written:

It was impossible to communicate with the seller in an appropriate way. I asked for details of the article and the answer was untrue, vague and finally, rude. I have kept his/her messages which demonstrate the lack of true information about the article. I cannot pay for something they won't assure me what really is. I suspect the article is a fake because they would not answer me with the real number of the shade. Their last message, totally rude with me, made me decide not to waste my money.

I do not know what will happen next, but I do not like the situation.
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