Ebay problem

I just wanted to ask you something.
Some days ago, I won a lovely product on ebay listed as: SHEERTONE SHIMMER BLUSH by Mac, from the Barbie Loves Mac collection. Pink shade, it said.
I found it just a couple of minutes before the bid ended and I won it. It was really cheap. I did some research afterwards and the truth is that I could not find any SHEERTONE SHIMMER BLUSH from Barbie. There were only two blushes: Don't Be Shy (which I have) and Plum-something.
Days went by and I kept on asking the seller for the exact shade. Yesterday they told me it was Don't Be Shy. However, my blush says SATIN POWDER BLUSH, nothing to do with SHEERTONE SHIMMER BLUSH. I have seen the Sheertone Shimmer Blush on the Internet and they are lovely, all of them.
I think it can be my fault, because I did not ask the seller on the first moment, but I did not had the time and I was really attracted by the low price.
What would you do?

Ebay seller has just written to me. He/She was extremely rude at me. He/she says it is not Don't Be Shy either, it is shade #07. They say they will mark me as a non-payer if I do not pay and blame me for making the question. The problem is I still do not know what I have bought. They cannot simply tell me the exact shade or whatever. And they blame me for being a pain in the neck. I have the intention of paying them, of course, but I still think they have not explain the item properly from the very first time. I bidded for a SHEERTONE SHIMMER BLUSH, I did not care the shade, actually, but of course if it is not a SHEERTONE SHIMMER BLUSH, am I the one to blame?
I do not know what to think...
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  1. If you havent paid yet, DONT because it's probably fake. MAC dont do shades like #7 they all have names and if this one doesnt have a name then its fake.

    If you dont pay you will probably get a warning from ebay but unless you get like 3 strikes they wont do anything other than warn you. Also you can leave the seller negative feedback for being rude & selling fake products cause they cant leave you negative which is

  2. Oh, thank you very much for telling me. I have had so many difficulties to identify the real item on the net, and I havent't yet!! I do not know what to tell them, they threat me with the negative feedback and I do not like that because I am pretty new at ebay and it is a pity for my reputation.
    I will keep asking for the real name but I have not found any SHEERTONE SHIMMER BLUSH from Barbie Loves Mac collection, so I think this can be a fake as you say.
    Thank you very much!

  3. It's impossible for sellers to leave buyers negative feedback so dont worry, they can only leave you positive feedback or none atall!

  4. That is true. I have read their message again and they say they will tell ebay I am a non-payer..
    So you recommend me not to pay?

  5. They will file an unpaid item claim but unless you have 3 unfaid items claims from 3 different people ebay will only WARN you not cancel your account or anything. So if i were you I wouldnt pay because the item is most likely fake!

  6. Hi!
    It is unbelievable: after writing to the seller comlaining about the misleading information about the item and above all, his/her rude attitude, I have not had any news about them. They have simply ignored me afterwards, so I am doing the same. They did not tell me what was the real shade or whatever. It is a shame!!