Estée Lauder Hydra Complete Creme Review


Happy Sunday everybody!

I am ready to write a couple of reviews todays thanks to my BF's laptop, because mine is broken at the moment. :(

I have been using EL Hydra Complete Creme for Normal to Combination skin these days, and I decided to write a quick review about it.

I do not particularly like it very much because, although it has got a light texture, it becomes oily with the pass of time and my face starts to shine quite soon. My face is not shiny at all, only with the application of these kinds of cremes it comes out with some shine and I obviously hate it.

However, it is not highly moisturizing. My skin is at the moment suffering from continuous break outs but it is very sensitive and dry at the same time, so I need very specific and special moisturizers.

It is not a good foundation base either because foundation does not sink well and it becomes very noticeable.

It has lot of fragance on it, another think that I dislike...
At least, I am trying it because I was given a generous sample at the department store, because I think it is far from being cheap at all!
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