Gemma Ward & the Surfer- Beach Style

Oh yeah,
my boyfriend decided it is the time to start surfing, finally. He is going to get the board and the swimsuit in the following days and I say Yay!!!! It would be the perfect excuse for going to the beach all day long, getting a tan and laying on the sand for ages... I am loving the idea already.
I feel like talking a little bit about that Surfer/Beach style in fashion and makeup, and the perfect example to have a look at is one of my favourite model's photographic session: Gemma Ward's.
I could see this series of pictures in Vogue a couple of summers ago and I absolutely loved it. The photographs are amazing, you can almost perceive the taste of sea salt in your lips and feel the sun heat on your skin... ahhhhhhh, lovely summer, Where art thou?
So, I have found them on the net, which offers much more quality than having them scanned by me and I simply wanted to share them with you in case you did not have the option to see them yourselves.
I cannot wait to copy the style, although the gorgeous Gemma is a difficult model to follow!
I have found the pictures at this web page: have a look, it is excellent:
I really love the make up in this picture: the face is simply perfect and just black eyeliner and some matte lip colour.
Love the necklaces, too!

This one is my favourite picture from the series. I love her hair colour and the wavy style.
Another amazing photo: the jacket is gorgeous and the combination of colours is risky but adorable.
Again, I heart her hairstyle so much.
I hope I can have my hair as long as hers by summer and pretty much as blonde as well.
Lovely wedges! Don't you think? After watching all these pictures, I always remind myself that I must get on a diet...
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