Hello Hydration!

Today, BF and I were doing some shopping at the mall and I felt attracted by the sexy packaging of Herbal Essences new hair products. I had promised myself, long time before, that I would invest on really good products for my hair, especially in brands such as Redken, Rene Furterer and, above all, Kerastase, but I just could not refrain myself from opening a little bit the beautiful light blue bottle of the new shampoo. An incredibly delightful smell of coconut surrounded me. And, I must confess, I adore coconut smell. The truth is that I have been using at the moment three different shampoos and only one (Revlon's) is about to be used up in one or two days. But I tell you the smell of the new Herbal Essences was so amazing that it came home with me. On the other hand, it is really cheapy, so I do not feel as bad as if I had wasted more money...

This shampoo is part of the Hello Hydration line and it is supposed to provide our hair with deep moisturizing. It is special for dry or damaged hair, so now that I have my hair dyed blonde, I hope it can help a little bit. At last, I hope the delicious smell remains on my hair afterwards. I will tell you if so! And, if you like coconut smell, definitely give it a try!

* Oh my gosh! I have just read online some other news:

- that they have also a conditioner and a mask with the same smell and properties... :) Yay!

- and that the celebrity supporting the new Herbal Essence line is Mischa Barton.
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