Lollipop, I Am into the Project Ten Pan too!

I have read Lollipop's words on her blog, and I have decided to join into her new project, the Project Ten Pan. Especially because we are living times of economic recession and especially because my finances are not really on the high side at the moment. But, above all, because I know I tend to feel attracted by all the new makeup and skincare products and some of the old, too. And although I like calling it a hobby, or a collection, it is possibly mainly an obssession. My economy would benefit from a project that tries to save some money for the future and to use up some of the products in my possession.
I embrace Lollipop's project because all of these reasons, but I extend it to any skincare and hair care products as well. Even though today I bought the new Herbal Essences shampoo, I will not buy any other product until I have used up at least 10 other things. I think I can do this because I really need to save some money now, so it is just necessary for me. I will continue addind things to my wish list and, in a couple of weeks or so, I think I will have been able to finish three hair products, three or four skincare products and, the most difficult part, some makeup products.
However, I think using up makeup products is quite difficult because they tend to last for longer that skincare or haircare ones. There is only one foundation I am running out of. Let's see what happens, and let's see how much money I can save thanks to this idea.
Thank you Lolli for writing this on the blog and let me join the project, I know we are already a lot of girls in.
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