My Hair Products List & Review

Today, I have decided to write about the products I use for my hair. I have recently discovered the wonderful products by Kerastase and these are my favourite at the moment but I also have other products from other brands.

This is my hair-care routine at the moment:

I usually wash my hair about four times a week. I cannot do it everyday because my hair is extremely thin and by washing it so often, it becomes oilier. I do not have a huge amount of hair, so I need to take care of it as much as possible to avoid hair loss as well.

So I wash my hair either with Garnier Fructis Shampoo for Straight Hair or with Johnson's Baby shampoo. I heart none of them, by I especially hate Johnson's. It is a horrible product on my hair. It makes it extremely wild and rough. Although it is supposed to soften your hair, it does just the opposite, and I need to use tones of conditioner afterwards. Garnier's is not bad but I do not like that smell, it is very artificial. It is not fruity or floral, just synthetic perfume and I love good smelling products on my hair... (I need to try some more Lush products on my hair...). From time to time I also use a sample of Revlon Hair Repair Shampoo. I like it, it makes a lot of foam and cleans my hair very well. Besides, it softens a bit.
But my favourite shampoo at the moment, the one I only use before special occasions, is Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo. It is a shine-activator for multi tonal blondes. It makes my hair shiny and slightly blonder after using it and the grapefruit extract is a really addictive smell!

As conditioners, I choose between Pantene ProV Classic Care Conditioner, which I think is a very good option since it disentangles really well, and a new discovery: Rene Furterer's Karite Intense Nourishing and Conditioning Cream . I love this one. It is creamy and it smells delicious. I love the effect of this on my hair: it is a moisturizing cream. My hair is soft and deliciously smelly after using it.

As hair mask, I only own one at the moment, Garnier Fructis Oleo Repair 1 Minute Mask. It is ok, but I do not love it. It acts as another conditioner. The truth is that I am very impatient about using hair masks, I just cannot stand waiting for 15 minutes or so with my hair wet, brrrr. But I am thinking of buying Masquintense from Kerastase when I finish the Fructis, because I have read really good opinions about it.

I will write a second part of this review talking about styling and serum products.
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