Oxygen Therapy: Part 1

Today I started the oxygen treatment I received last week. It consists of three different products I have to take during more or less ten days.
I have to start with Colosan. This is white powder I have to mix in a big glass of water and drink in the morning, at least one hour before having breakfast, and then at night, at least two hours after dinner.

I have to use just a teaspoon of it and afterwards, I drink the juice of half lemon.
It works mainly as a laxative and it is the main product indicated to clean the digestive apparatus. As I told you, I have started this morning, and I have not noticed anything yet, it is too soon.

On Friday, I will start taking Vital O. This is a complex mixture of minerals and enzymes that will help in the process of cleansing and restoring the proper status of my organism. I am supposed to take two or three drops on the first day and then up to seven drops in the following days.

After seven days with Colosan and five days taking Vital O, I will then take only Probiotics. This product is the one that will provide me with the necessary elements to avoid weakness because after the colon cleansing your organism is supposed to be a bit deteriorated.

I cannot eat any sugar these days... :O
I will keep you informed!
2 comentarios on "Oxygen Therapy: Part 1"
  1. Where did you get this oxygen cleanser from? Plz keep us updated.

  2. Hi Gigi!
    I got this from the website Family Health News. Or, better said, my aunt ordered them for me. She has used these products before with excellent results.