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What do you think about alternative medicine and natural remedies? Are you particularly fond of that? My aunt arrived last summer from the United States and she brought with her amazing theories about how our organism really works and what we can do to protect and clean our body from the inside. She is especially into homeopathy and she had been trying to make us, her family, aware of the benefits we can get from healthy food and healthy habits. She is particularly interested in the effects that some foods can have over our system.

I have always thought that the problems behind my skin were related to food habits. It is not that I consume unhealthy food all the time but rather that maybe my body reacts to some products in a really bad way, with oily skin and blemishes as a result. It is not as simple as avoiding chocolate and sugar, I think it is more about a routine consuming foods that are not bad for me. I am sure that the trouble with my skin is the proof that something is not working inside.

I am going to start cleansing my system from the very inside. My aunt has recommended me to try Oxygen Therapy to start with the cleansing. Family Health News is the webpage where she usually orders the products she needs for that. I am going to try Colosan, which is an oxygen product to clean your colon. Before starting a new healthier diet, it is necessary to start from scratch, to have your digestive tract cleaned. This oxygen product is designed to elliminate toxins and it is basically the first step.

It will be a bit weird for me because I am not used to trying these things but I think it is a good moment to start a healthier way of life.

You can read more about Colosan and other products in Family Health News (http://www.familyhealthnews.com/index.html) if you are interested in these types of therapies. I have found them really interesting but they are extremely uncommon here and people are really skeptical when hearing about them.

Let's see what happens and if I notice good results.
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  1. De inglés ando muy pez, pero más o menos entiendo algunas frases.
    La medicina integradora me parece muy interesante y el futuro de la prevención y la calidad de vida.
    Creo que USA y algunos países de Asia y oriente y de Latinoamérica están más desarrollados en este aspecto que en España,que estamos abriendo la puerta ahora. No sé si es por la situación geográfica de la península o por cultura estamos más cerrados a lo nuevo. Pero la prevención y los complementos alimentarios preventivos vienen pegando fuerte y abriremos las puertas a la mejora de la calidad de vida. Yo ya he abierto mi puerta, como mucha gente a complementos vitamínicos, antioxidantes y factores de transferencia que nos ayudan a estar mejor. Bsos


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