Products I cannot live without

An entry I have wanted to do since I started blogging, but I simply could not choose among the whole range of products I have tried. But I have decided these have been my favourite products for so long that they must be on the list:

  • Facial Sunscreen: Clinique City Block. This is a must-have when summer time comes. I cannot live without it. It is the only good alternative to avoid going to the beach or pool with makeup on. It makes my face look nearly flawless because it contains a little bit of pigmentation, really subtle, but enough to conceal marks and small spots. Although at the beginning it is a bit difficult to apply, when you get used to the texture it is simply perfect.
  • Concealer: La Roche Posay Unifiance Touch Pro. It has covered all my reddish marks and blemishes for years now. The lightes shade is a perfect match for my skin tone. The days when I feel too lazy to apply makeup, I only need this little pot. After some minutes during which the formula seems to settle down, my face does not show most of its imperfections.

  • Foundation: Avene Couvrance: I have mentioned this foundation several times before on the blog, and I absolutely rave about it once and again. It is THE foundation when nothing is good to conceal skin in bad condition, with redness all over, blemishes and spots. Oil-free, non-comedogenic, and not expensive at all.
  • Moisturizer: Avene Tolerance Extreme: When the face of my skin is to sensitive to stand any other moisturizers, or when I have been hard with it using too many astringent products to prevent acne, I can only use this moisturizer and it is definitely the perfect cure for my skin. It is an excellent foundation base too.

  • Thermal Spring Water: La Roche Posay. A basic in my closet, thermal spring water is to be used any time to refresh tour skin during the day, as a toner before moisturizer or to fix makeup. A cheaper alternative to Mac Fix+.
  • Face Treatment Oil: Clarins Huile Lotus: Especially designed for combination to oily skins. I cannot forget this one because it is always in my closet. I use Clarins Lotus Oil for a lot of things, so you can call it a muti-purpose. I love mixing it with any face masks, just three or four drops are enough to make the mask less thick and to clean your pores in depth. The smell is so lovely that I enjoy using it especially at night, it is totally relaxing. But what I like the most is applying it on my skin after cleansing, just one or two times a month, instead of the night moisturizer. It hydrates a lot and the morning after you get up with a kind of glow in your face, your skin is clean, soft and the spots seem to have vanished for a while... Quite expensive, but it is really worth it as it lasts for ages. Literally.
  • Hair Product: Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum Spray: this one is able to disentangle my hair, deeply nourish it while giving a pleasant fruity smell that remains on my hair all day long. It is several products in one: a cure, a styling product and a fragance. I am also in love with it!

So this is my top 7 list of products: I hope you like it.
5 comentarios on "Products I cannot live without"
  1. wow! como es q este post no tenga comentarios? :O

  2. @Rubinha,
    Aún tengo que traducirlo al Spanish, a ver si me pongo, que se me acumula el trabajo!! Besitos, preciosa.

  3. pues yo le he dado a traductor de google jeje!!
    me han encantado los productos tgo muchas ganas de probar el serum de kerastase a ver que tal!!y sabes que es lo de la recarga de queratina para el pelo¨?lo he visto en algun lado y me ha dejado intrigadiiisima!!un besotee

  4. @RuBi,
    ¿Recarga de queratina? ¡No lo había oído nunca y me has intrigado!

  5. Yo tengo muchas ganas de probar el Couvrance de Avene. He empezado a utilizar la Hydrance optimale ligera, y estoy super contenta con ella. Me ha despertado curiosidad esta marca :D


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