Products to clear spots #1 La Roche Posay

I have decided to comment on all the products I have used on my fight agains spots. I have tried so many brands, so many products, so many times, that I feel like writing a quite good overview of them. I will organise them by brand, because I tend to use more than one product of the same line to try to make them work better.


This brand is one of my favourites when talking about skincare. It has got amazing products for combination/oily/active/acne prone skin. I have been using them for ages and I always have some product of them in my closet. The specific line for this kind of skin is called Effaclar. I have tried almost all the products available in this line and here you are:

  • Cleansing: You have either Effaclar Gel or Effaclar Mousse. Recently, I have found out that Effaclar Mouse has turned into Effaclar H Mousse, but I think the formulation has not changed. I prefer the gel because it makes my skin feel cleaner than when using the mousse. The gel is quite thick and it does not make much foam. But it leaves your skin really clean and fresh. It has not dried me out. It is really good for combination/oily skin and I love the smell because it smells like "pureness"... However, the mousse cleanser is just foam, foam and foam. It is a spray that looks like and smells like hairspray. I hated it. Besides, it did not last at all! A spray of this lasted me for less than three weeks.

Another option is Effaclar Purifying Water. It is a product that claims to remove make up but, howeverm it does not do that very well. It is a good choice if you do not like to wash your face in the morning, for example, or if water irritates your skin.

From all these options, then, I would recommend Effaclar Gel as the best solution.

  • Moisturizing: Again, this brand offers you several possibilities. You can choose between Effaclar, Effaclar H, and Effaclar K. The simplest option is Effaclar. It is a light, mattifying moisturizer, a really good option in the morning. It prevents skin from feeling oily, it makes it become matte, and it is a good make up base. The cucumber smell is really nice...

Effaclar K is a good choice at night. It contains a combination of acids that are supposed to renovate your skin. It is, then, like an everyday mild chemical exfoliator. It really worked for me, but I have used that for so long that it makes me anything anymore... You have to be careful because it can be a bit drying.

Effaclar H is the newest moisturizer. It is realli good. I think it is better than Effaclar, even. This one is perfect for acne-prone, yet dry or sensitive skins, because it is really moisturizing and so comfortable. Again, this good be a choice for the morning routine.

  • Toner: I have not tried a toner as such from LRP. However, one of my favourite skin products ever is La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water. It calms, soothes and moisturizes skin after cleansing and prepares it for the moisturizer. Besides, it is a really refreshing product for the summer.

La Roche Posay products are not expensive; they are available at the chemist's and they are a realy good option for our types of skin.

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  1. Pues tienes que probar Toleriane Ultra, la nueva hidratante de LRP



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