Products to Clear Spots #2: at the doctor's

Ok, when nothing else works, you end at the doctor's asking for something that will definitely end with the problems of your skin. Your dermatologist, in the best of cases, will tell you a lot of things you already know. You go out of his/her consultation office telling yourself why on earth you did not decide to study Dermatology, because you are good a it, and you could be earning lots of money...
But, appart from telling you about things you already know (being careful with sun exposure, cleaning your face twice a day, using oil-free cosmetics...), he or she also says some things that you would prefer not listening to. Mine, for example, suggested that I did not use anything to wash my face in the morning except simply water. And that I did not put any make up on...
Oh my goodness. I hated her for that. And, besides, I did not take her advice, I did not pay her attention on that. I do not know, maybe my skin could have improved following her words but, seriously, I could not do it.
I preferred to listen carefully to the list of cosmetic products she recommended me. She listed:
  • Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar: at night. I did not buy this one yet. But I promise you I will. I think it can be a very good option because it is special for sensitive skins. Besides, it is soap-free. However, I decided to buy Clinique Mild Soap (liquid) instead last time. And I repent. The bad news is that she said nothing about makeup removal. She would not allow me to put make up on.

  • Zindacline: this was the king of the list, in my opinion. Thought to be used at night, locally, on the spots and red parts of the face. It was able to erase any pimples and blemishes from the first application. But it stopped working a month later. I think my skin simply got used to it. And left me in the search for something stronger.

  • Neostrata Gel Forte Salycilic: The dermatologist told me to start using this one once a week and gradually increase the frequency up to four times a week. This gel contains Glycolic Acid + Salycilic Acid. It is pretty strong. I am at odd ends with this because the effect of it on my skin is to pull out oil and pimples, so you have to be careful. It takes the dirtiness out.

  • Clarifex Scrub: Once a week, I was supposed to use this scrub for oily and acne-prone skin. It is pretty strong but I like it because sometimes skin seem to need it. It burns a little bit, but it is quite good. But I combine it with other scrubs I have.

So, this is pretty much it. I have to tell you that I had to buy both Zindaclin and Clarifex but I already had in my closet the Neostrata. I have not bought Cetaphil yet but I think I well, although I am not fond of cleansingbars because I have the feeling that they get dirty soon...

Have you gone to the dermatologist? What did he/she tell you?

Have a nice Thursday!

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