Products to Clear Spots #3: Duac Gel & Sudocrem

Here is another review of other two products I have recently used to fight against spots.

The first one is an antibiotic to be used locally called Duac Gel. This gel is supposed is to be used only at night as it is quite sticky. It cures infection and makes spots really fade away in one or two nights. The blemishes do really disappear and the red marks last less time on the skin. However, this product has to be kept in the fridge because it is preservative free and after one month of use, you have to discard it, because it expires. Besides, your skin gets used to it really fast, so after three weeks or so, you end noticing nothing from it. It is a good option to be used only from time to time. Only at the chemist's.

The other one is Sudocrem. I ordered this on ebay afer watching some Youtube videos that spoke wonders about it to fight spots and make your skin clear. People said you could even sleep on it if you did not mind having your face totally white and maybe stain your pillow. I orderes a tiny jug of this, it was really cheap. The truth is that, although it claims to help with acne, it is a cream designed for nappy rash. I was really reluctant to try this on my face, I can assure you! I have used it in several ways during the last month and I can tell you I have not noticed anything, neither good, nor bad, with my spots. I have used it locally to try to dry out some pimples and I also have used it all over my face. With no result. So, it does not work for me. Besides, I have read on the Internet that it contains some oils that are quite negative for acne-prone skin. I will keep trying.
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  1. Thanks for the review, I was going to get some for my daughter. I'm waiting.

  2. Anyway, it is so cheap that it is worth trying! Hope it helps.


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