Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara


Today I am wearing EL Zero Smudge Mascara so I decided to write a quick review about it. The first thing that caught my attention is that it s is quite smelly, at least in comparison with the rest of mascaras I have tried before. It smells slightly as alcohol, so it is a bit weird in this sense. Then, the ink is really fluid. I always start by heating mascaras between my hands for a little while before applying it because on the contrary they are too dry, but in this case, the ink as I say is extremely fluid, so the result is a lot of blackness to your lashes. The mascara really lengthens a great deal, it is spectacular in this sense but I cannot agreet with the "zero-smudge" name. It did give me some smudges and this is the bad side about this mascara. My lashes look weird tight now, not separated and perfecltly combed, but extremely tangled. I hate this effect on my lashes and I always manage to get rid of it by applying a second coat. Not this time, it did not work for me and this mascara.
To sum up, this mascara makes me have skinny spider legs as lashes.

The brush is really simple, nothing comparable to Chanel recently launched Exceptionel (great) or Dior Icone, (lovely).

Fortunately, it is just another sample, 2.8 ml. A good option to be in my bag for touch ups, but not "The" mascara to bear in mind when I need one.
Update: Ok, I hate removing this mascara: when applying eye makeup remover, kind of ink minitubes fall out of my eyes and all over my face. It is such a mess!!
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  1. As soon as you said smelly, it's off my list.


  2. I do not like smelly mascaras either, it's true!


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