Favourite Product of the Month: Biotherm Sense Foundation


Unfortunately, I am not sure this exists any more. I got it from a swap with a friend a year ago because I had mis-bought Sense Aquaradiance in a too dark tone and I simply could not use it. I cannot remember if Sense Aquaradiance was equally good, but I assume it had to be, because Sense Aquaradiance is supposed to replace Sense.
This foundation is designed for specially combination skins. It neither dries out nor gives oil to skin.
The truth is that it has been my HG foundation during this whole week when I have been working at the department store, and I loved it.
I love Biotherm foundations because they are the best that work for me, with the exception of the new Mat Pure, a foundation I detest.
But BIOTHERM Sense AQUARIADIANCE worked wonders on my skin these days. I have not had to use powder afterwards because my skin did not shine at all even after more than 12 hours of application.
The texture is very fluid and it mixes wonderfully into skin. I used a sponge to apply this and it was the very best method because the result is flawless. Your skin feels naturally covered and only a little amount of concealer is needed to disguise scars and spots.
Non comedogenic and oil-free, it did not cause any problem to my troubled skin.
Besides, blush can be applied without any problem. I had experienced problems with some foundations when applying blush afterwards because it became unnoticeable, as if foundation was too "plastic" to admit powder over it. But this did not happen with Sense.
I also heart the packaging, althoug I had to remove to pump when it stopped dispensing product. Then, I simply took the foundation out with a stick onto my hand.
I had run out of it but I will definitely repurchase. However, I need to use my other foundations first, because they really seem a collection right now.
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