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    Happy Hectic Lisbon

    There could not have been a better celebration for our 9th anniversary. D and I decided to go to one of the most beautiful European capitals: Lisbon, a city that shows its visitors the brutality of the contrast between a glorious and opulent ancient past and the speed of modern life times.
    Two days were and were not enough to discover the most popular sightseeing points of the city and even to go on an excursion to magic Sintra as well.
    Lisbon surprised me with its amazing oppositions: the cobbled paving of its streets, the endearing wooden streetcars, the glazed tile and yet the avant-garde and the modernity of the financial district, the transport network and the metropolitan cool shopping areas.
    Lisbon also surprised me with the character of its multicultural peoples… It is a melting pot of races, colours and appearances all sharing a common factor, which is cheerfulness, peace and a sense of unlimited freedom. People smile everywhere and are ready to help a foreigner.
    Lisbon surprises the visitor in countless ways. It seems you have to adapt to the rhythm things happen.

    The typical funicular called Elevador Da Gloria takes you up from the PraÇa dos Restauradores to Bairro Alto.
    This was my favourite discovered place: the square just in front of the Museo Arqueologico do Carmo, in Chiado. A dream place, full of youth, you can smell those mauve flowers in a beautiful springtime atmosphere.
    Photos taken by my particular exclusive photographer. 🙂


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    1. Catanya
      24 mayo, 2009 / 20:02

      The whole trip has been a fairy tale. Thanks for commenting!

    2. Catanya
      1 junio, 2009 / 12:50

      Thank you!! It was great to spend the weekend abroad…

    3. 26 agosto, 2010 / 9:54

      Lisboa es precioso, a mi me encanta, cuando he ido tiene un encanto especial…pero en Portugal tienes que visitar Sintra es una pasada de bonito

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