Lollipop's Project Ten Pan: Running out of...

As you already know, I decided to join Lollipop's project about not buying any makeup product until finishing 10 different things at home, although I extended the idea to any other product such as skincare or hair care.
The project is working on me, since it has been more than a week and I have not bought any makeup or skincare product. This is amazing for my economy and forces me to make the best of the products I already have at home.
Besides, I like listing the products I finish because it is a good reason to write a review about them on the blog. So these are the products I have run out of this week:
  1. Chanel Le Blanc (big sample).
  2. Estee Lauder Hydra Complete moisturizer (big sample).
  3. Lush Flying Fox Gel (100ml).
  4. Lush Vanishing Cream (40ml).
  5. Biotherm Sense Foundation (50ml).

Reviews coming soon!!!

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