Nails Of The Day!

So today I painted my nails while sunbathing in the beach. How cool is that? :) It has been a lovely sunny day in here, yet very windy.
Although we are getting into the summer, I always love the appearance of nails painted deep black so today I chose my Chanel Le Vernis in Noir Ceramic. It is the loveliest black colour ever, with tiny shiny silver sparkles that reflect the light in a lovely way.

Two coats, and on top, Sally Hansen's Diamond Shine Top Coat for an ultimate shining effect.
The truth is this: on the one hand, the texture is thick enough to only need one coat, but I prefer two to make them more resistant and perfect. On the other hand, it is drying out too fast, I do not think I will be able to paint my nails too many times more, because it is being hard to paint them properly.
Like it?

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