Nivea Body Spray: Where Art Thou?

Today I remembered the most perfect body moisturizer I have ever had. It is a pitty I have not seen it anymore anywhere because I used to be a huge fan of it. I am talking about Nivea Body Spray, a great light yet highly moisturizing body sprayand totally unexpensive at all. I have just remembered the lovely feeling when applying it after a shower. It absorbed immediately making my skin unbelievably hydrated, soft and kind of glowy, (no shimmer at all, just a healthy appearance). This was a product I used around 2001 and 2002 but as I tell you, I have not seen it anymore. For me, a very lazy girl in body moisturizing matters, it had been the best discovery. I hope I can find it again or at least find something similar. However, even the smell was so particular, so clean and fresh, very Nivea like, but still quite light... yum... good memories from the past.
2 comentarios on "Nivea Body Spray: Where Art Thou?"
  1. I just googled "Nivea Body Spray" and your site came up first. Thought you might be interested, I just found a bottle at my house while looking through some old bags.

    Sorry to make you jealous :(

  2. Wow! Enjoy it! I hope Nivea or another brand releases oemthing similar soon!


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