Solerra Self-Tanning Products

I have received a lovely package from the United States containing a selection of Solerra Self-Tanning products which I am eager to try as soon as possible!
As you may know, my first attempt on the self-tanning project failed, mainly because the weather has been awful recently and this was the main excuse for reconsidering using self-tanning things... But hopefully May will be the perfect month to start with a self-tanning routine, and especially now that I can try Solerra products. I have read really interesting reviews on the net and sadly this is not really available here, but I know it cannot be difficult to buy online if I am satisfied.

You can all have a look at Solerra webpage for some info on the products they sell:

Besides, they have a very interesting blog where they comment on self-tanning processes, tips and tricks, apart from great articles about the damages of careless sun exposure and skin cancer...

I think the most amazing thing of this brand is the idea of using a mitt to apply self-tanning lotion, because I always complain about the mess of getting my hands so dirty or using gloves. I am looking forward to writing a review about that!

If you have tried Solérra Self-Tanning, please do comment on the blog about your experiences.
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  1. I prefer Sexy Confidence tanning lotion from Peau D'Or.