Worst Product of the Month: Johnson's Baby Shampoo

I have talked about Johnson's Baby Shampoo before, in my review of the haircare products I am using at this moment, but some weeks after that, I can definitely tell you this deserves the label of the worst product of the month.
It is practically non-smelly, which is not bad, just ackward for a shampoo. It does not make a lot of foam. But the worst thing of all is the result of it on my hair. Although it is supposed to be a shampoo for babies or kids, it makes my hair look extremely rough and harsh, I hate it!! I need to use lots of conditioner afterwards or a good hair mask... It is quite difficult to work it on my hair, indeed. I am looking forward to finish it but luckily I have almost run out of it...
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  1. If you want to get rid of it without throwing it away and therefor feeling guilty: try using it as an all purpose cleaner around the house or as dishwashing liquid. Soap is soap right?!

  2. Great tip! I'll definitely do it!

  3. you can use this to wash your makeup brushes. It cleans my brushes like it's brand new again. ;)

  4. Fortunately, I have finished this last weekend, finally!! But it is a good idea to use it as a brush cleanser!

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