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I went back to the chemist's at the beginning of June for the antibiotic that a dermatologist recommended me last year. It worked wonders on my skin from January to March 2008: the following day after the very first application, my skin was even out and my spots shrank. Some days afterwards, most of the spots had virtually disappeared.
Nowadays I am suffering from a very bad breakout, so I was desperate to find a fast cure for the newcome spots and pimpoles. I also have those ones which really hurt on my cheeks. They are painful and totally ugly.

But this was last year and unfortunately I am not getting the same good results now. On the contrary, the spots exagerately multiplied and the redness increased. I am also experimenting extreme dryness since the fifth day. I am using it moderately morning and night and I must wait for two months to see improvements, or at least that is what the box says.

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