Biotherm Light! Foundation

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This has been my favourite foundation for years. I have used several bottles of this, always in shade 415 and I am sure I wil always try to have one on the shelf. The name can be misleading because the coverage is not that "light". Instead, it covers everything perfectly without a cakey, thick mask effect on your face. The name "Light" comes then from the effect of that healthy look it gives to your skin. There is nothing shimmery at all, but just a sheer finish that makes your skin look virtually flawless.

Although shade 415 is rather on the pink side, it is the best match for my skin tone as the next one is too dark.

Up to now, it is my favourite foundation by Biotherm; I have also tried Sense, which I also recommend (read my review here), and Pur Matte, which I do not like so much (review here).

Light has not given me any problems with oiliness or spots, it is oil free and non-comedogenic.
For a full coverage, I always use a sponge, but Light is also worked on wonderfully when applied with your fingers.
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  1. Thanks for the review. I think I am going to try this! Thanks!

  2. You are welcome! It is always a pleasure to write a review about a product you like and, besides, I love foundations!
    I forgot to mention that Light is made mainly from water, therefore the feeling you get when applying it is freshness.