Biotherm Matte Pur


I was looking forward to trying Biotherm Matter Pur, the newest foundation by Biotherm, when it came out last year. I bought it mainly for the advertisemente claimings that said that thanks to the lemon extract and other healing and anti-septic ingredients especially designed to treat blemished skin, this was a mixture of makeup and treatment: you would be wearing foundation that would be working on your skin to fight against spots and oiliness. This fact had been something I had been looking for in foundations since I first started my interest about cosmetics.
But the results have been quite disappointing.
I bought it in the second shade available because the first one was terribly pinkish, but my choice was wrong because the aspect this foundation gives to my skin is, in a word: dirty.
The texture is too thick and it does not blend properly and the application is messy. Besides, I have not found the perfect tool for this because nothing seems to work well.
I do not doubt the formulation is great, but the result as a foundation is unsatisfactory.
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