DiorSkin Pure Light

DiorSkin Pure Light is a great foundation by Dior. I particularly like Dior foundations because you can easily find light shades. In this case, I have got the lightest available, number 200. The best thing about Pure Light is undoubtedly the radiant effect it gives to your skin. This foundation contains micropigments which reflect light and thus your skin glows in a natural yet noticeable way. This is so evident that it results to be very bad for photography: shots show a total reflection of flash on cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. So you have to be very conscious about this or you would seem a lantern in the middle of the night...

Another disadvantage I found about Pure Light is that, at the end of the day, it sinks onto my pores and virtually disappears. I think that the reason for this is that this is a foundation especially designed for combination or oily skins, and mine is quite dehydrated all the time, so my skin absorbs it very quickly and then the fantastic previous glow fades away.

Unfortunately, DiorSkin Pure Light is being discontinued at the moment. It can only be found at some stores now but I do not think they would be there for a long time. Dior has decided that the new DiorSkin Nude is going to be the replacement, but I do not agree at all with that,
This is, among other things, because Pure Light is the only oil free foundation by Dior; Nude is not oil free.

To sum up, if you are lucky and you can still find Pure Light somewhere, go for it if you have got combination or oily skin, but you can definitely skip it if your skin is rather on the dry side.
The coverage is extremely light and the texture is really liquid. The smell is very soft and delicate. I have found out that the best tool to apply this is a sponge.

Take care!
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  1. I love Dior foundation!!! It's the only foundation i wear!! I am currently using Dior Sculpt, which is like double wear, only because it covers everything!! t's such a flawless finish, it's beautiful!! They've recently brought out a new one called Dior Nude which is a mineral based foundation and it's also very good!

  2. Yeah Pure Light is a great foundation but I didn't like Nude, it broke my out pretty badly and I had to return it.
    Thanks for subscribing and commenting!

  3. hi !!!
    I see you present the product "diorskin pure light".
    I am in France, and it's my favourite product !! but... it's out of stock in France and Europe.
    I would like to know if in USA it's still exist? (I Believe you live in the usa).
    If it still exist, can we do " a deal" please?
    I give you my adress email : marine.666@free.fr

    Thank you very much.

  4. Hi marine!!
    Thanks a lot for your comment, but unfortunately here it is also unavailable now (I live in Spain): I was told it was being discontinued and that Dior had replaced it for the new Diorskin Nude. Mine is almost finished out!!
    I am sorry...

  5. Thank you for your answer :)
    Rhhhha, I don't understand why Dior stop his production of Diorskin pure light. I bought "Dior Nude", but I am very disappointed... I don't use it, I leave it in my shelf.
    Do you find a product with the same quality?
    I am searching and I test some "make up fondation". Now I am testing " double wear light" d'Estee Lauder ( it's not bad !), and I bought "vitalumière " by Chanel, but It make me a greasy skin.
    If you have an idea, I listen you ;)
    Buenas noches !!! hasta luego !!

  6. Hi @Marine!!
    It is true, it is weird for Dior to end selling this, since it has got lots of fans.
    I would recommend you Revlon Colorstay foundation: it has a lot of positive reviews but I have not tried it myself, I must say.
    One I love as well is Chanel Pro Lumiere: it is light as Dior Pure Skin but at the same time sheer and non greasy. I think it is quite similar!
    Hope this helps a little bit.
    Have you tried finding Dior Pure Skin in Strawberrynet.com or Ebay?

  7. Besides, I must say I was also terribly disappointed with Dior Nude... It broke me out pretty badly! I wrote another review about it, just in case you want to have a look.