Running out of: Sunscreen

Since last Thursday, the weather has been so hot and sunny that BF and I have been going to the beach morning and afternoon. I always leave the remainings of last summer sun creams for these unprepared days in which we decide to take the car and spend the day out in the sun. So these days I have run out of these two sun creams: Hawaiian Tropic Sensitive SPF 20 and La Roche Posay AntHelios XL Spray SPF50+ for Face and Body.

I loved both of them. As you perhaps know already, La Roche Posay is one of my favourite brands for skincare, and Hawaiian Tropic is my best choice for body sun products.

  • La Roche Posay AntHelios XL SPF50+ comes in a 125ml spray and it is really good for fragile zones of my body such as the back, the stomach and the chest. I have suffered from sun intolerance in the past and I have to be very careful with sunburnt, especially on my back. This is a white liquid, very liquid that absorbs immediately and is practically non-smelly if only sometimes I notice it smells like milk or cream. As a plus, it is non-comedogenic: when I have forgotten my facial sunscreen at home and I have had to use this one on my face, I had no problems with break outs, only a bit of shine, but I would say it is perfectly suitable for face and body. I must say that the only disadvantage is that it is only 125ml of product, so you run out of it really fast. Especially if you take into account that it is recommended that we have to use the equivalent to 20gr of suncream to cover our body every time we sunbathe, the quantity is ridiculous. So, to sum up, it ends being quite expensive.

  • Hawaiian Tropic Sensitive Protective Sun Spray SPF20 comes in a bottle of 200ml. It is a really good product although I think I will not repurchase. The reason is simple that it has nothing special for a Hawaiian Tropic product, and I have to explain myself: We do not find this coconut paradise-island typical smell of other Hawaiian Tropic products I have tried. So well, it is a white lotion with SPF 20 that is similar to the rest out there in the market. So I think I am going to try another new SPF20 suncream this time; I am thinking of Clinique's new range of solar products but, as always, I will do some research first and, as usual, I will keep you informed.

So this is it at the moment, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

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