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Everyone’s had em I suppose: mental breakdowns. This post is about the most common form of mental breakdownwomen suffer from, it’s called the crazy haul breakdown. Let’s just be clear about the definition of a crazy haul upfront. Spending a lot of money and buying unnecessary products don’t constitute haul madness. A crazy haul is when a haul has been committed at the least appropriate time in your life: this can be while you just filed for bankruptcy, while you need to be studying hard when you are actually online shopping in the mean time or the worst kind: you haul because you just committed a crazy haul and you’re depressed about it and what do you do when you’re depressed…exactly! This tag is about the hauls that have made us feel guilty and abused by our lack of self-discipline. The questions are honest and confronting mind you this tag is not for the fainthearted. If you have been tagged it’s because I follow your blog and I like what read. There are ten questions.

When was your last crazy haul: It was a couple of weeks ago...

How did you feel afterwards: I felt stupid because I did not even know if my selection would work as properly as the old one, so I thought it had been a complete waste of money.

What did you buy and why: I run out of my adored makeup remover Take The Day Off by Clinique and I decided I would go for a less pricey option. So I chose one by La Roche Posay and I was then induced to complement it with the biggest thermal water spray available, so I ended wasting the same amount of money.

Why was this a bad haul: It was a bad haul because my idea was to save money by changing my common makeup remover and I could not save any money.

How did this haul start: It all started with a visit to a huge chemist's store, where I could stay for a long time watching lots of products by brands I love such as La Roche Posay, Avene, Galenic...

When did it all start to crumble: As soon as I had payed.

Consequences of the crazy haul: I am broke again, haha.

What will it take to tame the beast: As always, I have to think things twice and consider the consequences. Also take a calculator or something to be aware of the final amount of money...
Why did you do or start the Tag: I find it interesting to analyse the reasons that forced me into my last haul, although it was not a big or very interesting one...

I tag: Every girl who regrets her last haul!
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