It is extremely difficult to try to summarize my 8-days holiday in the South of Spain in just one blog entry but I will try to do my best.
We travelled to Andalucia and we stayed in Torremolinos. The impression I had from this city was that it is a city thought for the summer time. It is amazing the quantity of tourists there! The places I enjoyed the most were:
El Bajondiyo: a cluster of narrow pending streets crowded with people, souvenir shops and restaurants. When you pass this area, you find the incredibly big and long beach called the same. It is several kilometres long. In fact, the seaside in Andalucia, called La Costa del Sol, is the longest in Spain. Along this beach there are hundreds of "chiringuitos" (small typical pubs and restaurants on the beach). There is also a service of sunbeds and hammocks every 100metres or so!
Bathing in the Mediterranean Sea is wonderful. The water is not very cold, there are not almost any waves and it is so hot outside the water that you can bathe for hours! I did not tan much simply because it was impossible to be under the plain sun, you literally burnt even with sunscreen...
Carihuela: this one was my favourite beach. I do not lie if I tell you it reminded me of tge idea I have of Miami Beach: all those palm trees, cool pubs, dance music and partying... At night, there was a lovely atmosphere. There was an amazing pub on the sun with beds, chill out music and torches!
The Tina's: this was my favourite pub in town. The staff spoke only English so the clients were all international. Music was great inside but we stayed outside in the terrace all nights. In the middle of that street there was a lovely girl who invited you to free shots. And cocktails were great!

We made short trips to Mijas, Benalmadena, Marbella and Puerto Banus.
Mijas: it is a small village of white typical houses. There is a lot of tourism and people use "donkey taxis". There are flamenco shows in the main square.
Benalmadena was quite similar to Torremolinos, in the sense that it is also crowdes with tourists and the beach was also very similar. The atmosphere was fun everywhere.
Marbella: it has a beautiful city centre. I loved it and the little shops were really cute. We spent the afternoon at the beach and we had a great time!
Puerto Banus: this city really deserves an entry on its own because there are lots of thing to tell. If I had to choose some words to define it I would say: Money, Wealth, Richness and Luxury. and all these connected with: Cars, Yachts, Shops and Glamour. It is an unforgettable vision. We could not count the number of Ferrari, Masseratti, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Mercedes MacLaren, Hammers,... Yachts looked like cruises and you could see the people living inside from the shore. All the people were taking photos.
Just opposite the shore were the most important shops in the world: Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Marchessa, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Dior, Lanvin... they were open even at 12pm!
I have never seen so many beautiful pople together. Everybody wore amazing clothes, I could not stop looking at those dresses, shoes, bags... that undoubtedly cost fortunes. You really feel a bit weird but it is really worth seeing.
We had the great luck to be invited to a very famous beach club, called Glam. They were having a party and it was really like on of those in "Gossip Girl". We had the most expensive beer of our lives. *Sigh* It was such a great experience.

1st Day of Holidays


Hopefully, this will be similar to my look some of the following days, because finally BF and I are going on holiday. We will set off early in the morning tomorrow and we will be off for 7 or 10 days. I doubt whether or not I will have access to the Internet, so I think this is pretty much it for some days. I have another entry planned for today so if I have the time I will write it.
Nevertheless, I want to say see you soon to all my followers, we are going to the South of Spain and I hope we will enjoy ourselves.
Have a nice week.

Sunscreen + Tinted Moisturizer

A couple of days ago I tried a new skincare combination. I hate going to the beach with my makeup on, mainly because of the heat and also because I do not like the feeling of the sun on my face when wearing makeup. But, on the other hand, I hate being exposed to the world with my "bare" face, due to the presence of spots and scars.
Therefore, year after year I spend the summers experimenting with products that may hide the imperfections of my skin without using foundation. I love the appearance of a flawless skin under the sun.

So, I have been lucky enough to find a good replacement for foundation. I had bought Avene Tinted Cream with SPF50+ some time ago, an excellent facial sunscreen especially designed for oily/acne prone skin but unfortunately I could not use it because the only colour available is extremely dark for me.

But these days I have been mixing it with a moisturizer, specifically with La Roche Posay Effaclar H, and I managed to make Avene Tinted Cream lighter. The mixture covers pretty much of the redness and most of the imperfections. After that I only used a tiny bit of concealer on the most noticeable spots.

CONS; The only disadvantages I encountered were that the mixture still has a reddish undertone and considering that my skin tone is more on the yellow side, there was quite an evident mismatch between face and body, which I solved blending carefully on my neck.

On the other hand, I could not bend the moisturizer and the tinted sunscreen properly. It seemed that the colour pigments of the tinted cream separated and there was no even finish. On the contrary, I had to work the blending really well to obtain a regular finish.

To sum up, I have done the old trick of mixing a dark product with a moisturizer to make it lighter and the result has been ok.

P.S; I think that next time I am going to mix the Avene Tinted Cream with some light liquid foundation and see what happens.


Now I am going to analyse both products separatedly:

1) La Roche Posay Effaclar H moisturizer.

I am nearly finishing this one now. It is only 40ml and not the typical 50ml of the majority of moisturizers. I bought this one because I was in serious need for a good moisturizer for acne prone skin.

My skin was becoming dehydrated due to some drying products I had been using lately.

I was disappointed at this acquisition because it made my skin look shiny and grasy and I never shine. Especially my cheeks were too oily and some suspicious spots appeared. I stopped using it on my cheeks and I have been using it only on my T-zone, where I do not have any trouble. I will not repurchase because even if it belongs to the Effaclar range, especially designed for problematic skins, it is only shine and oil what I get.

2) Avene Tinted Cream SPF50+.The idea of a sunscreen with a hint of colour appealed to me the first time I saw it. That product needed to be mine. However, the only shade available is awful. The cololur is artificial, too dark and reddish so it was extremely evident that I was wearing it.

The main advantages are that the SPF is very high, which is great to prevent sun damage on yout face, and that it is a great product for combination/oily/acne prone skin. You do shine a little bit but that is common with high SPFs.

Natural Remedies Compilation


When living on a budget, I think we try to make the most of the products we have at home and if we run out of something, we try to find a good dupe. If we go further, we can discover natural remedies; we would use products from our kitchen to help us with different problems of our skin.

This is a compilation of the most common ones:

  1. Scrub: the best body scrub I have ever tried is the one that I make myself. I take three spoonfuls of bodywash, one spoonful of baby oil and one spoonful of salt. It is great to use it in the shower: you clean, exfoliate and moisturize at the same time.

  2. Facial Scrub: you can make it yourself with natural yoghurt and half spoonful of salt. Then, you have to rinse your face with fresh water.

  3. Dry hands or feet: the best thing you can do is to soake your hands or feet in warm water with a spoonful of olive oil. This is a great tip in winter.
  4. Tired Legs/Feet: this is a tip my mum taught me. If your legs ache because you are tired of working, walking or whatever, put them into the bathtube with cold water and some salt. The cold water will make your legs feel relaxed and your pain will disappear.

  5. Face Mask: you can make your own face mask with natural yoghurt and mashed carrots. I have read this is fantastic to regenerate your skin and prevent wrinkles.

  6. Dry Skin Toner: if you have dry skin, try putting on your skin a tissue soaked with the juice of an orange for 15 minutes. It will moisturize your skin.

  7. Dry Skin TonerII: another natural ingredient that will help you to moisturize your skin is milk. You simply have to apply it onto skin. This especially useful for your bodt if you take a bath with milk and warm water.

  8. Natural tan: the best you can do to have a good tan is to eat a lot of carrots and tomatoes. Your skin will be prepared to make the best of the sun rays.

  9. Sunburnt: if you have spent too much time under the sun, you can cut a leaf from the aloe vera plant and apply the juice all over the afected zone.

  10. Underye Circles: this is very old, applying sliced cucumber on your closed eyes will help you make disappear the undereye circles.

  11. Detox: white and green tea are excellent detox drinks that will help you to prevent premature aging and make your skin look healthier.

By the way, girls. Some days I read that someone was running a contest involving writing a blog post with natural beauty remedies, but I cannot find it again. If someone, remembers, could you let me know? Thank you, girls!

Solerra Self-Tanning Products

I had the luck to receive a parcel with generous samples from Solerra, a company especialized in Self-Tanning products from the Las Vegas, US.
I have tried them and I am finally ready to write a review.
The lot contained the following:

  • Exfoliating Mitts,
  • Self-Tanning Mitts,
  • Sunscreen SPF30,
  • a lot of information about new events.

To start with, I am going to tell you about the exfoliating mitts. I was really impressed by this product because it is an extremely easy system to use and with excellent results.

The mitt is made of a rough surface which is neither too harsh nor agressive. On the contrary, it makes a kind of massage onto your skin and afterwards there is no redness or irritation. It has a fruity-sweety scent, which I love. You are supposed to use this all over the parts of your body which are going to be tanned. Exfoliation, as you know, removes the dead cells and therefore prepares your skin for an even tan.

We move now into the self-tanning mitts. Again, the product is impregned in the mitt. You have to work it all over your body, gently passing and tapping your hand. There is no wet effect, there is no liquid coming out of the mitt. I was surprised at this point because I did not have the feeling of being applying any product at all. The smell is very pleasant, nothing to do with the typical self-tanning smell.
However, the following day, I was so slightly tanned that nobody could notice. I do not know what I did wrong, I was patient enough to work it everywhere but I simply did not catch any colour at all. Maybe the product dried out on the journey from US or something.

To finish with, there were samples of Solerra sunscreen SPF3o. I have to say it is a very good option to prevent sunburnt. The texture is not thick at all but it takes about one minute to be absorbed completely. This is not rare if you consider it is SPF30 because high sunscreen is normally less easily absorbed. I used it on my back and chest and I did not burn but surprisingly I tanned!

To sum up, I will recommend everybody to try Solerra products and share the results. I must say I love the mitt system mainly because your hands are protected from stains and the application of the product is very practical and even.
Tip: If you are thinking about re-using the mitts, I would not recommend that because mine destroyed after the first use! They were torn apart.

Another thing that I like about Solerra is that they are really concerned about skin cancer. They work to fight against the dangerous habit of using tanning beds and exposing yourself too much under the sun rays.
You can see in their website the research that they do in the field of skin cancer.
To finish with, Solerra is present in a great deal of social events all over the US.

EOTD: Silver-Blue

This is a very modest attempt to try a more sophisticated eye look so do not be mad at me!
Today I decided to go a bit further on eye makeup and I tried a risky combination. The result? I did not like it at all, I really think blues do not suit my eye colour, they make my eyes look sad but, as it is all about learning, practising and having fun, I post the look in order to read some suggestions, tips and comments from you all.
So this is my bare eye:
These are the things I used:
I used the first and second shadow on the first row (left to right) and the second one in the palette on the right. All of these shadows are from Art Deco. You can also see in this picture the unprofessional brushes I worked with. The first two are from unknown brands and the pink one is from Zara.
Here you can see the palettes again and the two eyeliners I used: The sky blue is from Reserve Naturelle, number 14 and the other is number 7, Aquamarine from Zara.

This is the eyeshadow base from ArtDeco. Veeeery good!

Undereye concealer by Astor and Sumptuous mascara by Estee Lauder.
And then, here comes the picture of the result:
What do you think? How could I improve it?
P.S: My eye brushes suck, but I cannot buy any at the moment... and yeah, I have to invest on a good undereye concealer!
And finally, this was the makeup used in my face:
  • Foundation brush from drugstore.
  • La Roche Posay Unifiance Touch Pro Concealer.
  • Sensilis Solar Foundation with SPF30 (my summer foundation).
  • Nars Duo: Copacabana and St. Barts.

After Sun

After Suns are one of my favourite beauty products mainly because I associate them not only with the summer season, but also with sunny beach days, tanning and the refreshing shower afterwards. Besides, they always have lovely refreshing textures and tropical scents. I have tried a lot of different brands and these are the ones which I have at the moment:

ISDIN After Sun, Instant Relief (especial for sunburnt): This comes in a spray bottle. I love it because it really calms my skin. I use it when I have unfortunately sunburnt. This happens only when I forget to apply sunscreen to weirde body areas such as my feet or my neck. It gives me instant relief, it absorbs really fast and does not leave any sticky feeling. You can dress immediately afterwards.

The smell is a bit weird but it is ok. As it is sold only at the chemist's, I have the certainty that it really calms my skin and the redness disappears. I think of it as a really necessary product in my bathroom closet.

HAWAIIAN TROPIC: Cooling Cucumber Gel (Instant Relief, with Vit A, E and Aloe Vera): I blught it last summer in the middle of my Hawaiian Tropic craze and I like it but it is just ok. Firstly, I do not love the smell. It smells strongly as cucumber and although it fades away some minutes after the application, at the beggining it is quite uncomfortable. It smells as grocery shops.

The product is a greenish gel and it is a little bit sticky. Although I love other Hawaiian Tropic products, I have to say I will not repurchase and sadly it is lasting for ages.

CLARINS, After Sun Moisturizer Ultra-Hydrating (revitalizes, prolongs a tan): This is a huge sample and I am loving it. I love its scent because it smells like all those vegetal oils Clarins uses in most of their products and besides, the texture is lovely. I do not think it calms my skin as well as my Isdin option does, but is is a calming product for the body. I am tempted to use it on my face as a summer moisturizer but I am scared about break outs, because it does not say if it is oil-fee and non-comedogenic. I think this is the greatest disadvantage because it could be a fantastic facial aftersun.

I think I will change the list of ingredients online and maybe try it on a little area on my cheek and see what happens.


I have heard wonders about a Dior aftersun called DIOR BRONZE, Gelee de Monoï Beautifying Moisturizer (it says: Dior reinvents the myth of Polynesia’s traditional beauty oil with a high-performance moisturizing gel for sun lovers. Enhances color and intoxicates the senses with its fragrance and silky texture. The skin is left silky, with a pearly glow that radiates sensuality.)

Have you tried it? It really looks so wondeful. What other aftersuns have you tried and recommend?

Polyvore: A Night At The Beach

Is this going to be a night out at the beach? Maybe, so I had better be prepared. This is the look I have thought to go out tonight and perhaps have a drink at some local party.
I love the idea of a little black dress in some risky combination; in this case, the Vans trainers give this kind of crazy contribution.
Besides, I love the bag and the makeup and accesories in pink.

Polyvore: "Saturday Night Casual" & "2 Wedding Options"

Saturday Night CasualSaturday Night Casual
Saturday Night Casual by Catanyasthings featuring Dorothy Perkins

For a casual night out (maybe tonight), I love this look. I think the clue is makeup and accesories, because the look could not be simpler. But I love how black shorts and a black tee work togeter. Especially with a tan... :)

2 Wedding Options

Two different dresses but the very same accesories and makeup.

Finished Products

These days I have finished:
  1. L'oreal Sublime Bronze Self-tanning spray: this one could be a perfect self-tanning options if a) was absorbed faster, and b) did not smell so strong. Tip: I mixed it with baby oil for a subtler effect and to obtain a more pleasant smell and the result was great, my body was really moisturizer while becoming tanned and slightly perfumed.
  2. Clinique Take The Day Off Balm: my favourite makeup remover. I have not repurchased because it is not that cheap but I will because it really lasts for at least 6 months being used every day, so it is worth the money.
  3. La Roche Posay Effaclar Make-up Removing Purifying Water: I did not like this one. It does not remove makeup at all and it works more as a toner, although I have not found any function for it at all.


  1. Vichy Normaderm Nuit: It is a quite good moisturizer at night, supposed to fight against imperfections, but it smells so weird that I will never buy it.
  2. Kanebo Silky Purifying Cleansing Oil: this is an excellent makeup remover. For me, it is the second best, after the TTDOB. The bad news is that it is extremely expensive, but the texture is lovely and the effect on the skin, amazing.
  3. Clarins Gentle Night Cream for sensitive skin: this is a wondeful moisturizer. It calms my skin immediately and does not give me any oil or break outs. To apply this onto skin is a lovely experience. I really likes it and I want to try the daytime version.

So, this is it! I am being a good girl and I have not bought any cosmetics recently. I will be finishing all the products I have at home.

20 Questions

I have found this questionnaire in Bee's blog: and I think it is a good moment to get to know each other better.
So here it goes!
1) Things you cannot leave the house without? My mobile phone and my keys.
2) Favourite brand of makeup? I would choose Nars and Chanel.
3) Favourite flower? It is the mimosa, its smell brings me memories from childhood.
4) Favourite clothing store? I choose Bershka and Stradivarius.
5) Favourite perfume? Pure Poison by Dior
6) Heels or flats? I love heels but I cannot wear them so I choose flats.
7) Do you make good grades? I have to admit I was quite a good student and I want to continue to be.
8) Favourite colours? For clothes, black.
9) Do you drink energy drinks? I love Red Bull
10) Do you drink juice? Not as much as I should...
11) Do you like swimming?Yeah, I like it although I do not practice it very often.
12) Do you eat chips with a fork? No, and actually I do not like chips.
13) Favourite moisturiser? That is a difficult one. Let's say I have not found my HG.
14) Do you want to get married later on in life? Perhaps, but I do not think it is obligatory to live your love within a marriage.
15) Do you get mad easily? Yes, I think so...
16) Are you into ghost hunting? What is this question?!
17) Any phobias? I am afraid of crossing bridges inside the car...
18) Do you bite your nails? No, and I hat this habit in others.
19) Have you ever had a near death experience? Fortunately, I have not.
20) Do you drink coffee? No, I do not like coffe, I am mad about tea!

Ok, I tag:

In & Out: July


  • The sun: BF started surfing on Monday and since then, when the weater has been good, we have been together to the beach and it has been wonderful. I even got a bit sun tanned, which is great considering I use SPF30 at least!

  • Holidays: We are going to the south in about two weeks so I am looking forward to dthe day we pack and set out. We are going to enjoy the beach as much as possible.


  • Job search: it is being hard, difficult and tiring to find a job this summer. I have not been lucky yet and I have been rejected for a company I would love to work for, so that is bad news.

  • Money: Oh, Gosh! I am soo broke you cannot even imagine...

Tag; My Favourite Summer Products

I read this tag in The Makeup Snob blog: and I think it will be fun to answer the questions and choose my favourite summer products, so here is the list:
Shampoo - Redken, Blonde Glam
Hair Mask - Naturaleza y Vida, for Blonde Hair
Styling Products - Kerastase, Oleo Relax

Body Wash - Lush, Snow Fairy
Body Moisturiser - Biotherm
Deodorant - Lancaster Cream
Fake Tan - Clarins Self-tanning Gel

Make up Remover - Clinique, Take The Day Off Balm
Cleanser - La Roche Posay, Effaclar Gel
Exfoliator - Clarifex Scrub
Mask - Chanel Purifying Mask

Primer - Chanel, Le Blanc
Foundation - Biotherm Light
Concealer - La Roche Posay Unifiance Touch Pro
Powder - Kanebo Total Finish
Blush - Can't choose only one, I am afraid... But I will say Mac Don't Be Shy
Bronzer - Nars Laguna
Highlighter - Nars Copacabana
Eyeshadow base - Art Deco
Eyeshadow - any by Art Deco
Eyeliner - Pinaud Black Eyelines
Curler - No
Mascara - Clinique High Definition Lashes
Lipstick - Nars Galaxy Girl
Gloss - Clinique Cabana Crush or Chanel Bonbon
Nail Varnish - Chanel Blue Satin

I invite all of you to do this one!!