1st Day of Holidays


Hopefully, this will be similar to my look some of the following days, because finally BF and I are going on holiday. We will set off early in the morning tomorrow and we will be off for 7 or 10 days. I doubt whether or not I will have access to the Internet, so I think this is pretty much it for some days. I have another entry planned for today so if I have the time I will write it.
Nevertheless, I want to say see you soon to all my followers, we are going to the South of Spain and I hope we will enjoy ourselves.
Have a nice week.
12 comentarios on "1st Day of Holidays"
  1. wow! lucky you, enjoy your holiday.

  2. Oh how envious i am of you! I would love to be in Spain! Enjoy yourself!

  3. I like the yellow bikini. Enjoy your holiday :)

  4. Enjoy your holiday :-) Spain is beautiful...

    Mucho besos: Evi :-)

  5. i hope you have a great time on your holiday! :)

  6. hey love! aw, i didn't know you had twitter! i'm following you now :) haha. hope you have a wonderful time! xx

  7. To be honest ,you seen a little bit (0.05%)of Spain.You didnt take time to see Sevilla or the other cities.You didnt take time to discover the countryside,El Chorro ,Guadalhorce,and there is a lot more.
    What is a holiday in Andalucia about, without trying to converse with the Spanish.I know you had a wonderful time,but return and discover the Real Andalucia.

  8. who wouldn't have a great time with this fun bright collection!


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