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After Suns are one of my favourite beauty products mainly because I associate them not only with the summer season, but also with sunny beach days, tanning and the refreshing shower afterwards. Besides, they always have lovely refreshing textures and tropical scents. I have tried a lot of different brands and these are the ones which I have at the moment:

ISDIN After Sun, Instant Relief (especial for sunburnt): This comes in a spray bottle. I love it because it really calms my skin. I use it when I have unfortunately sunburnt. This happens only when I forget to apply sunscreen to weirde body areas such as my feet or my neck. It gives me instant relief, it absorbs really fast and does not leave any sticky feeling. You can dress immediately afterwards.

The smell is a bit weird but it is ok. As it is sold only at the chemist's, I have the certainty that it really calms my skin and the redness disappears. I think of it as a really necessary product in my bathroom closet.

HAWAIIAN TROPIC: Cooling Cucumber Gel (Instant Relief, with Vit A, E and Aloe Vera): I blught it last summer in the middle of my Hawaiian Tropic craze and I like it but it is just ok. Firstly, I do not love the smell. It smells strongly as cucumber and although it fades away some minutes after the application, at the beggining it is quite uncomfortable. It smells as grocery shops.

The product is a greenish gel and it is a little bit sticky. Although I love other Hawaiian Tropic products, I have to say I will not repurchase and sadly it is lasting for ages.

CLARINS, After Sun Moisturizer Ultra-Hydrating (revitalizes, prolongs a tan): This is a huge sample and I am loving it. I love its scent because it smells like all those vegetal oils Clarins uses in most of their products and besides, the texture is lovely. I do not think it calms my skin as well as my Isdin option does, but is is a calming product for the body. I am tempted to use it on my face as a summer moisturizer but I am scared about break outs, because it does not say if it is oil-fee and non-comedogenic. I think this is the greatest disadvantage because it could be a fantastic facial aftersun.

I think I will change the list of ingredients online and maybe try it on a little area on my cheek and see what happens.


I have heard wonders about a Dior aftersun called DIOR BRONZE, Gelee de Monoï Beautifying Moisturizer (it says: Dior reinvents the myth of Polynesia’s traditional beauty oil with a high-performance moisturizing gel for sun lovers. Enhances color and intoxicates the senses with its fragrance and silky texture. The skin is left silky, with a pearly glow that radiates sensuality.)

Have you tried it? It really looks so wondeful. What other aftersuns have you tried and recommend?
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  5. Ooh I want to buy that Dior aftersun for my holidays now, as I have yet to buy one! I'm not sure if it would do the trick though, I'm guessing it's more for colour enhancing than actually soothing the skin :/


  6. thnx for the review :) i'm not really a user of this aftersun products but Dior one sounds promising :D

  7. @lydiaoc26
    Yes, you are right, it does not seem to be a really calming aftersun but more of a beauty product. Should you buy it, let me know!

    Yeah! I have done the 20Q tag too!! It is somewhere in my June entries...

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  11. Thanks for the scoop on the tan products. I haven't used any for ages but its winter here and soon I will be buying some for my poor legs.

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  13. thanks for the review!! after sun instant relief sounds like something i need to get before i head out to the beach this summer :)

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