EOTD: Silver-Blue

This is a very modest attempt to try a more sophisticated eye look so do not be mad at me!
Today I decided to go a bit further on eye makeup and I tried a risky combination. The result? I did not like it at all, I really think blues do not suit my eye colour, they make my eyes look sad but, as it is all about learning, practising and having fun, I post the look in order to read some suggestions, tips and comments from you all.
So this is my bare eye:
These are the things I used:
I used the first and second shadow on the first row (left to right) and the second one in the palette on the right. All of these shadows are from Art Deco. You can also see in this picture the unprofessional brushes I worked with. The first two are from unknown brands and the pink one is from Zara.
Here you can see the palettes again and the two eyeliners I used: The sky blue is from Reserve Naturelle, number 14 and the other is number 7, Aquamarine from Zara.

This is the eyeshadow base from ArtDeco. Veeeery good!

Undereye concealer by Astor and Sumptuous mascara by Estee Lauder.
And then, here comes the picture of the result:
What do you think? How could I improve it?
P.S: My eye brushes suck, but I cannot buy any at the moment... and yeah, I have to invest on a good undereye concealer!
And finally, this was the makeup used in my face:
  • Foundation brush from drugstore.
  • La Roche Posay Unifiance Touch Pro Concealer.
  • Sensilis Solar Foundation with SPF30 (my summer foundation).
  • Nars Duo: Copacabana and St. Barts.
12 comentarios on "EOTD: Silver-Blue"
  1. So pretty. I'm lovin the green.

  2. I think its a fun look! I've started to get tired of the basic 3 colors from the same color family look in the exact same pattern...I do that look pretty much everyday of my life! LOL This was funky and I liked it!

  3. Looks great. Love the color combinations.

  4. you have beautiful long lashes! btw, the ArtDeco eyeshadow base--everytime I've considered buying it, I've felt that it was really hard and difficult to blend even on the back of my hand. However, I hear nothing but great reviews about it! Do you think I've just chanced on some bad samplers?

  5. whao his is such a gorgeous look :) x

  6. I think it's beautiful...but I also noticed that blue eyeshadows are making my eyes look sad :-( But I still love blue eyeshadows...Thanks for your lovely comments...

    Have a great weekend, much love: Evi

  7. Awww, girls, thanks a lot for your lovely comments, although I am not at all satisfied with this look, but it is good to practise!

    The ArtDeco eyeshadow base does look dry when applied on your hand but it really melts on your eyelid and helps the eyeshadows stay for the whole day. I like it a lot!

    Happy Saturday!

  8. this look is gorgeous! :) i really like the two eyeliners. thanks for all your lovely comments! xx

  9. Oh I think this look is gorgeous! I love the green pencil :)