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When living on a budget, I think we try to make the most of the products we have at home and if we run out of something, we try to find a good dupe. If we go further, we can discover natural remedies; we would use products from our kitchen to help us with different problems of our skin.

This is a compilation of the most common ones:

  1. Scrub: the best body scrub I have ever tried is the one that I make myself. I take three spoonfuls of bodywash, one spoonful of baby oil and one spoonful of salt. It is great to use it in the shower: you clean, exfoliate and moisturize at the same time.

  2. Facial Scrub: you can make it yourself with natural yoghurt and half spoonful of salt. Then, you have to rinse your face with fresh water.

  3. Dry hands or feet: the best thing you can do is to soake your hands or feet in warm water with a spoonful of olive oil. This is a great tip in winter.
  4. Tired Legs/Feet: this is a tip my mum taught me. If your legs ache because you are tired of working, walking or whatever, put them into the bathtube with cold water and some salt. The cold water will make your legs feel relaxed and your pain will disappear.

  5. Face Mask: you can make your own face mask with natural yoghurt and mashed carrots. I have read this is fantastic to regenerate your skin and prevent wrinkles.

  6. Dry Skin Toner: if you have dry skin, try putting on your skin a tissue soaked with the juice of an orange for 15 minutes. It will moisturize your skin.

  7. Dry Skin TonerII: another natural ingredient that will help you to moisturize your skin is milk. You simply have to apply it onto skin. This especially useful for your bodt if you take a bath with milk and warm water.

  8. Natural tan: the best you can do to have a good tan is to eat a lot of carrots and tomatoes. Your skin will be prepared to make the best of the sun rays.

  9. Sunburnt: if you have spent too much time under the sun, you can cut a leaf from the aloe vera plant and apply the juice all over the afected zone.

  10. Underye Circles: this is very old, applying sliced cucumber on your closed eyes will help you make disappear the undereye circles.

  11. Detox: white and green tea are excellent detox drinks that will help you to prevent premature aging and make your skin look healthier.

By the way, girls. Some days I read that someone was running a contest involving writing a blog post with natural beauty remedies, but I cannot find it again. If someone, remembers, could you let me know? Thank you, girls!

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  1. thanks for posting these :) i love at-home treatments, and i used to add milk to the bath when my skin was acting up or needed to be soothed :) i love the olive oil/foot soak tip!

  2. oh how great ideas! thanks for sharing :)

  3. This is great...I'm going to try that olive oil! :)

  4. great tips! i will try honey and milk mixed together, and i have some orange oil that will be lovely for my dry skin x

  5. Thanks so much! You are lovely!
    I will continue adding tips as I find or remember them!

  6. great tips! I'm going to try some of these and put my mad scientist lab coat on in my kitchen. My fiance will think i'm nuts but my skin will be perrrfect!

  7. there are some great ideas here! I'm looking forward to trying out the one for tired feet and legs as mine always feel like theyre ready to collapse after work! Thanks for the tips! x

  8. Hi there. I'm not sure if you're referring to Thiamere's contest, but she's the one that I know that's holding a contest on the best beauty tips out there. Her url is


  9. @Tish
    Yeap!!! Thank you so munch, I knew I have read it somewhere!

  10. fantastic tips!
    i also love using yogurt on my skin...aside from eating it for course!

    thanks for joining my contest,hun


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