Solerra Self-Tanning Products

I had the luck to receive a parcel with generous samples from Solerra, a company especialized in Self-Tanning products from the Las Vegas, US.
I have tried them and I am finally ready to write a review.
The lot contained the following:

  • Exfoliating Mitts,
  • Self-Tanning Mitts,
  • Sunscreen SPF30,
  • a lot of information about new events.

To start with, I am going to tell you about the exfoliating mitts. I was really impressed by this product because it is an extremely easy system to use and with excellent results.

The mitt is made of a rough surface which is neither too harsh nor agressive. On the contrary, it makes a kind of massage onto your skin and afterwards there is no redness or irritation. It has a fruity-sweety scent, which I love. You are supposed to use this all over the parts of your body which are going to be tanned. Exfoliation, as you know, removes the dead cells and therefore prepares your skin for an even tan.

We move now into the self-tanning mitts. Again, the product is impregned in the mitt. You have to work it all over your body, gently passing and tapping your hand. There is no wet effect, there is no liquid coming out of the mitt. I was surprised at this point because I did not have the feeling of being applying any product at all. The smell is very pleasant, nothing to do with the typical self-tanning smell.
However, the following day, I was so slightly tanned that nobody could notice. I do not know what I did wrong, I was patient enough to work it everywhere but I simply did not catch any colour at all. Maybe the product dried out on the journey from US or something.

To finish with, there were samples of Solerra sunscreen SPF3o. I have to say it is a very good option to prevent sunburnt. The texture is not thick at all but it takes about one minute to be absorbed completely. This is not rare if you consider it is SPF30 because high sunscreen is normally less easily absorbed. I used it on my back and chest and I did not burn but surprisingly I tanned!

To sum up, I will recommend everybody to try Solerra products and share the results. I must say I love the mitt system mainly because your hands are protected from stains and the application of the product is very practical and even.
Tip: If you are thinking about re-using the mitts, I would not recommend that because mine destroyed after the first use! They were torn apart.

Another thing that I like about Solerra is that they are really concerned about skin cancer. They work to fight against the dangerous habit of using tanning beds and exposing yourself too much under the sun rays.
You can see in their website the research that they do in the field of skin cancer.
To finish with, Solerra is present in a great deal of social events all over the US.
8 comentarios on "Solerra Self-Tanning Products"
  1. I like the mitt idea! I'm always struggling to keep my hands from staining while self tanning! Great and honest review!

  2. Also, this is random but how did you get the globe thing on your blog? I really want it and couldn't figure out how to do it1 :)

  3. Hey! You can find and attach it from!
    Thanks a lot for commenting!

  4. Thanks for the review :) That mitt idea is really cool!!!

  5. great review! have a lovely day :)

  6. Thanks a lot, girls!! I hope you all had a great weekend!

  7. ooo thanks for the review! I'd definitely try this out sometime. I LOVE being tan but I always have to wear SPF (grr!)

    you should put up before & after pictures! :)

  8. I've been using Solerra for every summer and it's tan effect is so awesome. It was only not so long ago that I became a fan of sunless tanning lotions, until my sister gave me one to try for a production that I was in that required me to have a tan. It was so great and convenient to use rather having to go to the tanning booth. The color was terrific! I even used it on my children as they were in the production with me, and they love it too! Now I use it regularly and in fact am able to go without foundation because of the wonderful color it gives me, which sure saves time in the morning!


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