Sunscreen + Tinted Moisturizer

A couple of days ago I tried a new skincare combination. I hate going to the beach with my makeup on, mainly because of the heat and also because I do not like the feeling of the sun on my face when wearing makeup. But, on the other hand, I hate being exposed to the world with my "bare" face, due to the presence of spots and scars.
Therefore, year after year I spend the summers experimenting with products that may hide the imperfections of my skin without using foundation. I love the appearance of a flawless skin under the sun.

So, I have been lucky enough to find a good replacement for foundation. I had bought Avene Tinted Cream with SPF50+ some time ago, an excellent facial sunscreen especially designed for oily/acne prone skin but unfortunately I could not use it because the only colour available is extremely dark for me.

But these days I have been mixing it with a moisturizer, specifically with La Roche Posay Effaclar H, and I managed to make Avene Tinted Cream lighter. The mixture covers pretty much of the redness and most of the imperfections. After that I only used a tiny bit of concealer on the most noticeable spots.

CONS; The only disadvantages I encountered were that the mixture still has a reddish undertone and considering that my skin tone is more on the yellow side, there was quite an evident mismatch between face and body, which I solved blending carefully on my neck.

On the other hand, I could not bend the moisturizer and the tinted sunscreen properly. It seemed that the colour pigments of the tinted cream separated and there was no even finish. On the contrary, I had to work the blending really well to obtain a regular finish.

To sum up, I have done the old trick of mixing a dark product with a moisturizer to make it lighter and the result has been ok.

P.S; I think that next time I am going to mix the Avene Tinted Cream with some light liquid foundation and see what happens.


Now I am going to analyse both products separatedly:

1) La Roche Posay Effaclar H moisturizer.

I am nearly finishing this one now. It is only 40ml and not the typical 50ml of the majority of moisturizers. I bought this one because I was in serious need for a good moisturizer for acne prone skin.

My skin was becoming dehydrated due to some drying products I had been using lately.

I was disappointed at this acquisition because it made my skin look shiny and grasy and I never shine. Especially my cheeks were too oily and some suspicious spots appeared. I stopped using it on my cheeks and I have been using it only on my T-zone, where I do not have any trouble. I will not repurchase because even if it belongs to the Effaclar range, especially designed for problematic skins, it is only shine and oil what I get.

2) Avene Tinted Cream SPF50+.The idea of a sunscreen with a hint of colour appealed to me the first time I saw it. That product needed to be mine. However, the only shade available is awful. The cololur is artificial, too dark and reddish so it was extremely evident that I was wearing it.

The main advantages are that the SPF is very high, which is great to prevent sun damage on yout face, and that it is a great product for combination/oily/acne prone skin. You do shine a little bit but that is common with high SPFs.
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  1. Nice! I have to make my own tinted moisturizer as well but need to get around to a very-very oil free formula.


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