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First of all, sorry for the lack of posts recently; I am going thorugh a difficult phase in my life and sad things have happened. I am trying to recover now and focus on the happy side of my life. I have lots of entries written on my notebook so I want to start posting them asap.

As this aims to be a beauty-related blog, I would like to mention the inspirational aspects of my trip to Andalucia.

In terms of beauty, I could appreciate that the trend was sun tanning. Every single girl and woman, whatever their nationality, showed a beautiful and attractive bronze colour. But I have to say that quite a lot of them were terribly sunburnt. I will tell you about that in a different entry, because it was scary.
When talking about hair, the style was bleached blonde hair, short or long, straight or wavy, but sexy blonde hair, (really Aguilera-Momsem-Gaga style).
Tanned skin + blonde hair reminded me so much of the lovely Californian style.

As what respects to makeup, I noticed that during the day, girls wore no make up at all or it was extremely natural. At night, it was also natural yet sophisticated: lots of black mascara, reddish/coral lipstick and shimmery blush. Bronzer was a must but it ws difficult to distinguish it from the natural tan. As I said, many girls wore no make up at all, but healthy moisturized glowy skin.
Moving towards style and fashion girls wore during the day beautiful and colourful dresses, sometimes maxi, but most often mini, and metallic flip flops. Also lots of denim mini skirts, white outfits and fluor tees. At the beach, I loved electric blue, silver and animal print bikinis. But I must say that almost every girl was topless and wore a thong.

At night, things changed and glamour came out. I could admire the street style in Puerto Banus because girls there wore luxurious outfits.

So that was pretty much it! A lot of glam and street style. Of course, this is just a generalization and always seen from my point of view.
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  1. Hey girl...
    first of all I hope everything is ok...I'm going through some too, as you know-thank you for being there for me. If you ever need a friend, I'm here!

    I love the looks in this post! That picture of Cameron Diaz is stunning! Makes me wish I was blonde! XO

  2. Good luck for both of us, hun! I want to think there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, so that light must be for our brilliant future! I am also here in case you need a friend.

  3. I hope things improve for you; wishing you all the best.


  4. i bet andalucia is nice... it's good u had a good time there...thanx for the comment and good luck in everything ...:)

  5. I hope everything will work out for you, darling! *hold on*
    wonderful post by the way!
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  6. Post is soo cool :O
    Wish you the best luck, oxo

  7. Thanks all! You are so sweet! Hopefully I will be better soon! Have a nice week you all!


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