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    Chanel Autumn 2009

    Hi ladies of the blogsphere!
    How is your week going? Actually I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at my new job. I just come home exhausted and I am getting used to getting up so early and doing something. I wanted to write some entries yesterday but I just was not in the mood!

    The best thing about my job is that I can try some products while I am working, basically makeup related, and fragances. That is why these days I have added some items to my wish list while others have been seriously discarded.

    I wanted to share my view on some Chanel products while I am working at the Chanel counter, especially the ones that are being launched right now.

    So last week they received the Fall Season makeup line and these are my impressions:
    Overall, I can say I am not thrilled to this collection. I found it dull and simple. Seriously Lancome or Clarins Autumn collections are much more impressive!
    You can see here all the new products and some of my notes on those produces I have already tried:

    – Eye Gloss:
    I tried this and it was disappointing. They have very little pigmentation. Only sparkles remained on my eyelid. I did not like the colours either: Or, Perle, Rouge Noir and Noir. They are supposed to be applied with a foam or with your fingers, but, as I said, they were not really good. I mean, what was Chanel thinking?

    – Rouge Allure:
    Six new shades
    73: Clandestine,
    74: Comedia (the only one I actually tried, and it does not suit me at all… Besides, I found it quite drying.)
    75: Amusing,
    76: Captive,
    77: Intuitive,
    78: Instinctive.
    These colours are all in the reddish side and I do not like them at all…

    – Le Crayon Lèvres:
    in a new shade, 35 Praliné D’Or, ( I did not try it, sorry but I do not use lip liner).

    – Irreelle Duo:
    78 Acqua Alta.
    This one is beautiful, but if you already know the quarted named Smokey Eyes, it is just the same shades. I have to know, though, that the pigmentation of these duo is much better than the one of my quartet. Quartets in Chanel are not very famous as they are very dry and it is hard to put any colour on your eyelids…
    – Les 4 Ombres:
    16 Murano.
    Only sparkles and no colour when I used this. I have tried the darkest green in combination with the pink one and the result was awful, sorry.
    – Le vernis:
    499 Gondola,
    501 Intermezzo
    Have you seen my last review on Mavala Lotus nail polish? Ok, so now you know how Intermezzo looks like…
    – Poudre Douce:
    80 Peche Caresse
    I will try to test this one in the following days. 🙂
    – Joues Contraste
    58 Fresque

    I tried this one on my hand only and the colour is difficult to see… It just does not seem a blush, it is so so natural that you can hardly see it.

    – Les Tissages de Chanel
    50 Tweed Sienna

    Oh my… this item is absolutely LOVE. I put this on my cheeks today and I just cannot wash my face now because I love how it looks like! It is amazingly gorgeous. It makes my cheeks just pop, so beautiful! One of the loveliest blushes I have ever tried. Besides, the pigmentation is really good! I just tapped the blush and voila!! Beautifully sun-kissed, coralish cheeks! It has got tiny golden shimmer, but very very subtle.

    – Stylo Eclat Lumiere
    20 Beige Clair
    This is another item I will be testing soon 🙂
    – Mat Lumiere
    20 Clair

    This foundation already existed, I do not know why they are promoting it for the autumn season… It is the latest foundation by Chanel and I am looking forward to trying it as I am an absolute foundation fan. And so this is pretty much it up to now! I will continue writing about things I discover…


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    1. 25 agosto, 2009 / 21:20

      it's a shame about the eyegloss as I was hoping it would be good but at least now I won't waste my money 🙂

    2. Catanya
      25 agosto, 2009 / 21:23

      I know! It seems a great product to add to our collection but it just does not paint!!

    3. 25 agosto, 2009 / 22:02

      aaawww thank you!
      congrats on your new job, and thanks for preventing us all from spending unnecessary money on the much anticipated eyegloss! eheeheh

    4. 25 agosto, 2009 / 23:57

      Thank you so very much for the honest review. I sure don't get that at the makeup counter! I am looking for a great red lipstick for a paled skin, blonde/red hair and big lips. Big lips=moisture is needed. Any suggestions?

      Fabulous Finds Gal

    5. 26 agosto, 2009 / 3:15

      In my country, Chanel cosmetics are so, so expensive (because of the import tariff) that almost never I buy one of them… But dream is free of taxes, thank God!
      This cosmetics are so georgous!

    6. 26 agosto, 2009 / 9:29

      what a great review!
      I have used mat lumiére for a long time now and it's absolutely gorgeous- you don't need powder on the top of it as it gives you a mat finish. my other favorite is MAC's face and body but you need to use powder on the top of that so it's not ideal for summer.
      have a lovely day, xoxo

    7. Catanya
      28 agosto, 2009 / 19:36

      There is a new red lipstick collection out, and I am sure you will definitely find The One.
      Try "Amusing", it is really beautiful. XX

      Thank you all for your sweet comments!!

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