Foundation Review: Avene Couvrance

I am going to write about the cream-compact foundation by Avene, Couvrance. I have got it in two shades, "Ivory" and "Doré" and the truth is that I cannot use "Doré" because it is extremely dark for me but I can use "Ivory" if I blend it correctly on my skin. Actually, I would have to use "Porcelain" and this will probably be my next purchase when I finish "Ivory", because I think that one would be the perfect match.

Hoy me gustaría escribir una reseña sobre la base de maquillaje de Avene, "Couvrance", en formato crema compacta. Tengo dos tonos de esta base, "Ivory" y "Doré" y lo cierto es que no puedo usar "Doré" ya que es demasiado oscura pero "Ivory" se adapta bastante mejor a mi tono de piel. Tras haber ido probando, creo que mi tono ha de ser "Porcelain", quizás el más similar al NW20 de MAC. 

The good thing about this foundation is its coverage because it is definitely full without being cakey. Besides, it is not totally matte at all, (I do not like absolutely matte foundations). In this picture you can see "Doré" on the left and "Ivory" on the right.
I have found out that this foundation is best applied with a foundation brush. I am nowadays using Sephora's foundation brush and it works perfectly with this product. You can also use a sponge and in this case I would recommend that you use it a bit wet because this makes the application smoother and the foundation blends better.
It is definitely a good purchase if you are looking for a foundation that covers every blemish or imperfection of your skin and you do not even need to use concealer with it.
Besides, it is oil free and non-comedogenic. You can find it at the chemist's. Avene is a brand that can quite easily be found in Europe but the truth is that I am not so sure about its availability in the rest of the world. I would be interested in knowing about this issue, please comment if you want.

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  1. lovely review, must try this product! :)

    <3 iheartvintagex

  2. this product sounds fantastic! do they sell it in the USA?

  3. @iheartvintagex,
    Thank you <3

    good question; the truth is that I do not know if Avene is an easy to find brand in the US, sorry.

  4. Hi Honey,

    I have got a beautiful little thing for U on my blog.♥

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  5. great review! I use the face&body foundation from MAC which I had tried a few years ago and have sticked to it ever since! when I don't want to use powder, I go for Chanel's mat lumiére.
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  6. @janettaylor

    OMG! Thanks so so much!!

    Thank you all girls for commenting!


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