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I found this today in Kara's blog (, and I loved it. I wanted to share this with you. For a lot of years, since I was 10 years old and until I was 16, I wrote diaries. First, they were lovely notebooks especially designed as little girls' diaries but I ended writing in any simple notebook I bought at the nearest bookshop.
Keeping a diary was extremely useful as I did not have any brothers or sisters and my house was often empty and silent. In those times without games console, computers and the Internet, reading and writing and painting were my favourite passtimes.
I have continued writing from time to time and this blog was the perfect excuse to continue my hobby and kind of therapy as well.

I loved writing about exciting things that happened to me and about how I felt every single day.
I even keep those diaries nowadays but I do not like re-reading the things I wrote when I was a child because in a sense I feel embarrased. It is like watching myself in a film and living again all my life.

And all this has come to my mind because I found this website about a diary and I found it lovely. It is designed to help people to start writing their diary.

You can check their website here:
I am going to purchase one once they are available here as it seems they are out of stock right now. I am possibly buying the chocolate one because I find it so vintage!
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  1. I fall in and out of keeping a diary but it's really nice to read back. I just wish I had been able to keep it up constantly over the years.

    I dread the thought of my bf ever seeing them - he'd think (rightly) that I'm a complete loonball!


  2. I always had a diary while I was growing up. Sometimes I sit around and read all the old entries and live through the pain, heartache, or joy that I felt while writing them.

  3. @LionLovingTiger,
    I totally understand you! I would not allow anybody to read my diaries! It would be so embarrassing!
    It is surprising how, through the reading of past anecdotes, we are able to live again those moments.

  4. oh I loved this, too :)
    have a great day, xoxo


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