Nars Blushes

I have a very modest collection of Nars blushes at the moment. Only three little babies live in my closet. I found out about Nars only about one year ago or so and, being it not available here, I can only rely on Ebay or online stores to get products.
These are also my most loved blushes right now.
- Taj Mahal
- Taos
- Orgasm
The first picture is quite reliable and realistic. The colours are amazingly bright and the pigmentation is extraordinary. But you must know all this already as a makeup fan!
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  1. i only own orgasm blush, but I plan on buying albatross (a gorgeous highlighter), as well as sertao. They are so lovely! I wish they were less expensive though.

  2. You just left me a comment about a blog award. I dont see it but maybe you commented me by mistake? No worries if you commented me by mistake. :-)

  3. these blushes look pretty, taos is going on my makeup wishlist. x

  4. @LipGlossGossip
    It was not a mistake! It is fixed now, sorry for that.

  5. Nars blushes look so pretty. I don't have one so maybe I must get one when I finish 10 Pan! (man it takes long) x

  6. Those blushes are have great taste!

  7. Oh, I've got to get the Orgasm one! My friend loves it and I keep reading people's comments about this shade and how much they adore it. x

  8. I love Orgasm Blush, its one of my faves!

  9. It is a very modest collection, as Nars has tons of different blushes!
    Albatross and Sertao are wonderful choices!
    @Glitterish Allsorts,
    I am on a Non-Spending Money Project actually so I understand you!
    @Little Rus,
    I must say I even prefer Taj Mahal and Taos to Orgasm, I think those colours just suit me more.

    Thanks all for your sweet and kind comments!

  10. I only have "orgasm" and a single eyeshadow,cant find them here in greece as well and i find they are quite expensiveVery good quality though..

  11. Love the look of the Orgasm blusher. Perfect for me.

  12. NARS totally has the best blushes... you should try their Lip colors. They are amazing! (you probably already have tho!)

  13. I love the Taj Mahal one. I don't own any Nars products right now.


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