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    NOTD: Mavala Lotus

    This is the Lotus Nail Color Pearl.
    My mum bought this new nail polish for a wedding we attended to some weeks ago and I loved it. I have tried this on today and the results are awesome. It is the first time I try Mavala nail polishes and I am impressed. The colour is really beautiful and my nails were dry very fast. I only put one coat because I like this colour applied very light. This nail polish was really cheap (they come in mini bottles of 5ml) and I am looking forward to trying other colours.

    The brand comes fro Switzerland and it is very famous here for the amazing range of colours. (You can see the full palette of the mini nail polishes here: http://www.mavala.com/indexphp.php?id=8&prod_id=21#palette
    And you can visit their general website here (http://www.mavala.com/), they also sell other beauty products.


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    1. My Fashion Frenzy
      22 agosto, 2009 / 14:15


    2. 22 agosto, 2009 / 15:53

      The color is so cute! And perfect for a wedding 😀

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